Listen up, Turkeys: FREE BIRDS is hitting theaters on November 1st, and for the first-time ever, my old pal, Chuck E. Cheese will be appearing on the big-screen. To celebrate, he's teamed-up with The Rock Father to get one lucky family hooked-up with a rockin' prize pack containing goodies from his restaurant, CHUCK E. CHEESE'S, and the new family film from Relativity Media. Are you interested in joining the flock? Check out all the details below, and just for fun, we'll get you set-up with some fun printables, too!

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It's a video that's been floating around for a couple of years now (33K+ plays on YouTube thus far), but one that deserves to be shared some more. Take two of my favorite bands - THE AQUABATS! and THE ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION - and put them together. What happens? Well, if you haven't seen it already, you just need to watch the video below, then... don't you?

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When a new single from CHUCK E. CHEESE hit the web this week (grab a FREE DOWNLOAD here) dangling that ''You've Never Seen Chuck E. ROCK Like This'', there was something very familiar going on. I sent a few unresponded tweets to Chuck E. Cheese HQ and to BOWLING FOR SOUP frontman JARET REDDICK to see if I could confirm that the voice of the new Chuck was in fact, the pop-punk vet. Well, it's been confirmed via Screen Magazine (a mag I was in once or twice for a disasterous film project that still better get made one day) that Reddick is Chuck in a reinvention of the popular pizza-peddling rat.

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Saturday, February 04 2012 18:00


As a child of the 1980's, a trip to SHOWBIZ PIZZA PLACE was an event - a momentous occasion that was saved for birthday celebrations and other rare gatherings that warranted more than a simple meal. The Matteson, Illinois, ShowBiz was the one that I'd occasionally be treated to (along with the short-lived, similarly-themed, CELEBRATION STATION in Park Forest, IL), and what made the trip even better was the fact that ShowBiz was conveniently located directly next door to TOYS R US.

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