When VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER was announced as a new Netflix Original Series from DreamWorks Animation last month, I broke the news with excitement - throwing down a tale of when I was Voltron for Halloween... and how much I loved my mid-80s Voltron toys. In 2016, I still have a Voltron here in my office, and with the new series set for launch this Fall, I expect that The Rock Daughters will soon grow to love the mystical robot lions just as I do. This week, some other news came down that I'd been waiting for - that "an expansive" new toy line will launch in Spring 2017, and they're coming from Playmates Toys - the folks behind the longtime success of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES toys.

Thursday, January 21 2016 21:53

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With DreamWorks Animation's KUNG FU PANDA 3 headed for theaters on January 29, the folks at DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have revisited the first two chapters of the 'PANDA Trilogy, reissuing KUNG FU PANDA and KUNG FU PANDA 2 as a new ULTIMATE EDITION OF AWESOMENESS. To help get your family ready for the new film, we're giving you a chance to win both films on the DVD + Digital HD Combo Packs, brought to you by the FHE Insiders Crew! Ready to rock?

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Netflix #StreamTeamI was VOLTRON for Halloween once. It was either 1984 or '85 (probably '84), and a full costume wasn't then-available. I had the "role play" set, which included Voltron's signature "Blazing" Sword, along with a helmet that emulated the top of Voltron's head. My mom painted my face black and white to best match the character, and my dad made me a chestplate and armor - crafted from cardboard, and with details done in marker. Problem is, it rained that Halloween, and my armor was ruined. The marker ran into a blurry mess, and the costume became unwearable. Saddened, I switched into an alternate "robot" costume we had at home. Voltron was a big deal for me, and we had the robot lions, their drivers, even the Castle of Lions Playset, which is now very coveted. More than three decades since, I still dig Voltron, and here in my office stands a 1997 Trendmasters reproduction of the die-cast Matchbox Voltron from when I was a kid. My then-future wife bought it for me during our first year together. This week's announcement that DreamWorks Animation will be producing a "reimagining" of VOLTRON as a Netflix Original Series got me started on today's nostalgia trip, but it's just one piece of a bigger announcement that extended the partnership between DreamWorks & Netflix.

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One of The Rock Daughters' favorite new shows of 2015 became the subject of one of the most popular features on the site for the year, and spawned one of our most popular videos on YouTube. DreamWorks Animation's Dinotrux is a major hit with kids, and this Netflix Original Series is providing inspiration for hours of imaginative play through a companion toy line released by Mattel this Fall. Currently Toys "R" Us Exclusive, two of the hottest toys on our 2015 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine are also topping kids' wish lists around the country - and they're sorta hard to come by. Sold-out online as of this writing, the Dinotrux Mega Chompin' Ty Rux and Dinotrux Revvit are worth making a trip to your local TRU to locate (they should have at least a full endcap of Dinotrux toys). We received both for review, and I can tell you from experiencing them with the girls first-hand, these Dinotrux toys completely live up to the expectations. How much do the girls love Dinotrux? Just look at the reaction in this video...

This weekend, Tom Hanks is back on the big screen in Steven Spielberg's cold war thriller, BRIDGE OF SPIES (get tickets via Fandango), but he's also on YouTube - going face-to-face with KID PRESIDENT. In this 4-minute clip, Tim Honks (Hanks) talks about real-life heroes, and gives the Kid Prez some schooling on a film called BIG. Check it out...

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This Friday, the latest film from director Steven Spielberg arrives in theaters, with the release of the cold war thriller, BRIDGE OF SPIES (get tickets via Fandango). Tom Hanks stars in the film as James Donovan, a lawyer tasked with negotiating the release of a captured U.S. pilot that's being held by the Soviet Union. Check out a collection of clips below. BRIDGE OF SPIES is rated PG-13.

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