At the recent D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation took to the stage in Hall D23 (introduced by Alan Horn, pictured above) to give audiences some new insight into what's coming down the pipeline from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar and DisneyToon Studios. I was in attendance for the presentation (I was tweeting live from the floor) and got a first-hand look at some incredible things that were shown for the very first time - some of which can be shared with you now, while others you'll have to wait to see. What's certain is that there's a stellar lineup ahead, including some much-requested new chapters of fan-favorite franchises, along with some completely unexpected new films. Here's the details...

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As the 2017 edition of the D23 Expo draws to a close, closing the book on another installment of "The Ultimate Disney Fan Event," the news is really just getting started. I'm still here in Anaheim, getting ready to head back to Chicago on the red eye - and much of what I've seen has yet to be revealed. I did get a rare look backstage in the growing "Hall D23," and alongside all the technical magic, much of the talent involved with the next few years of entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm was on-hand to drop the curtain on a few surprises. So what did all of these actors and filmmakers do while hanging out in the pipe-and-drape "green rooms?" They had fun, and made some videos - many of which are now on Instagram. From Jon Favreau representing THE LION KING, to the voices of the Disney Princesses, the cast of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, MARY POPPINS and a host of AVENGERS and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, take a look at some of what happened backstage...

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It's somewhat hard to believe, but this fall will mark four years since Walt Disney Animation Studios' FROZEN first brought an icy blast into theaters. Families still can't get enough of from the residents of Arendelle, with the Frozen Fever short being too short, and the feature-length sequel still a couple of years off. This holiday season, we'll get a little something to tide us over in the form of an all-new, 21-minute short - Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Making it's debut on November 22 alongside Disney•Pixar's COCO. Check out the trailer below!

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Walt Disney Animation StudiosHaving had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney Animation Studios on a few occasions, I've seen first-hand what is a truly magical place. While their yearly track record is phenomenal, with recent feature-length releases including WRECK-IT RALPH, FROZEN, BIG HERO 6 and the upcoming ZOOTOPIA, the folks at Disney Animation have continued to be champions of short-form animation, carrying on a long tradition that dates back to the earliest days of cinema. Pairing a short film as the "opening act" in front of a feature has become something that families look forward to, and while those shorts have been included on home video releases of their long-form counterparts, now those released in the 21st Century (thus far) are featured in an all-new collection, just-out on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Disney Movies Anywhere.

A dozen Disney shorts have come together, with the focal point and finale undoubtedly FROZEN FEVER - coming home for the first time, even ahead of the live-action CINDERELLA Blu-ray, on which it will also be included. The Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection is an absolute must-have for any family.

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Toys are about to enter a whole new realm, and according to Disney Consumer Products (DCP), that new "evolution of play" will be PLAYMATION - "where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real." This new system of toys and wearables will be launching this Fall, using smart technology to "inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of stories from across The Walt Disney Company." Playmation will launch with MARVEL's AVENGERS, with STAR WARS to follow in 2016, and sets based Walt Disney Animation Studios' FROZEN slated for 2017. If that plan says anything, it's that Disney and Hasbro are expecting this to be BIG.

If you're a fan of Walt Disney Animation Studios' FROZEN, you're no doubt awaiting more information about the development of FROZEN 2. While that's a little hard to come by, more cool collectibles based in the world of Arendelle continue to be released, and perhaps none are cuter than the Hallmark itty bittys. While Anna and Elsa have been available for a little bit now, they'll soon have company, as their friends Sven and Olaf are making their way into Hallmark Gold Crown Stores later this month. The duo joins an exciting 2015 itty bittys lineup that features characters from Disney, along with STAR WARS, PEANUTS, MUPPETS, DC Comics and more (get a full checklist here). The Rock Daughters recently received a pair in advance, and their appeal is undeniable...

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