Some years back, Michael Bolton found himself drawn to Detroit while researching for his 2013 album "Ain't No Mountain High Enough: A Tribute to Hitsville USA."  Beyond the music of Motown, Bolton realized that there was so much more to explore about Detroit’s past, present and future. Now comes his new documentary, American Dream: Detroit, a film that celebrates the golden age of the Motor City - featuring natives such as Francis Ford CoppolaJerry BruckheimerAretha FranklinSmokey Robinson and Alice Cooper. It's an exploration of a city in turnaround, pulling back the curtain on the vision of a new Detroit being built by young visionaries and entrepreneurial moguls alike. On May 15th, Fathom Events will bring it to theaters for one night only - see the trailer below!

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With so many 20th Anniversary Editions of albums that were released in 1991 hitting the marketplace, it's important to remember that there were some great albums released that year that will never be celebrated or get their due. While it was an influential year for music and a monumental year for rock,  it was also a year that brought us several albums that were real stinkers... but people loved 'em.

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