thrilling30When we came home a few weeks back to find Optimus Prime peering from within an obviously-Dinobot ravaged crate of TRANSFORMERS goodies sent to Rock Father HQ direct from Hasbro, it was a surprise. Now, as we've been trying out the different assortments represented within the sampling, we're knee-deep in Autobot Vs. Decepticon action... and it's glorious. With TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION opening Friday, today we're featuring the POWER BATTLERS (aka POWER ATTACKERS) and FLIP & CHANGE toys, right here on THE ROCK FATHER as part of #TRANSFORMERSweek!

Rock Father HQ has just intercepted an urgent message from Cybertron: Shout! Factory has just-released TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: THE COMPLETE SERIES, marking the first time that the entire 42-episode collection has been available. The 6-DVD set is an Amazon Exclusive, but with TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION headed for theaters later this month, it's time for a celebratory giveaway! Shout! Factory and THE ROCK FATHER have teamed-up to get one lucky reader hooked up with this new box set for themselves! Now - choose your side: Autobot? Or Decepticon?

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On April 26, OPTIMUS PRIME (voiced by Peter Cullen) returns to TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS. Also appearing will be actor Mark Hamill (STAR WARS) as Uncle Woodrow, Chief Burns’ adventurous and eccentric younger brother who is convinced there are aliens beneath the earth. The folks at The Hub Network have provided me with a clip of the new episode, which I'm sharing with you tonight, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

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When TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA launched in the summer of 2002, I missed it completely. While aware of it's existence, it was a different time in my life, and despite a love of TRANSFORMERS dating back to it's launch here in the United States back in 1984, ARMADA and the rest of what would become known as "The Unicron Trilogy" mostly escaped me on television. I did, however play the 2004 Playstation 2 game that was based on the show. Eventually, I caught a few episodes in repeats, but have now caught up over a decade later with the new Shout! Factory release of TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA - THE COMPLETE SERIES.

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TRANSFORMERS PRIME is getting some new blood for Season Three, with TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS set for it's premiere March 22 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT on The Hub. With a new season comes new toys from Hasbro, and The Rock Father has your chance to score one of the new "Voyager Class" figures.

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Friday, June 22 2012 09:46

R.I.P. Optimus Prime (1984-2012)

Sad news today as Optimus Prime, leader of the TRANSFORMERS faction known as the 'Autobots' was found dead in Illinois. After a valiant battle, it appears that Prime's final defeat came not at the hands of the rival 'Decepticons,' but within the tight grasp of a car crusher. Photos from the scene can be viewed below, exclusively on The Rock Father.

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