A Chicago-area transplant currently based in Los Angeles, DANI released her debut entry into the growing Kids and Family music realm last month. BEAUTY LAND is a 14-track musical adventure written and narrated by DANI - the tale of Jimmy and Lulu, a brother and sister who find themselves captured by an Evil Witch and searching for a way to Beauty Land. Right now, DANI is welcoming new listeners with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the title track, a number that begins with a storybook narration that opens up into a country-tinged anthem filled with "purple waterfalls and unicorns." Grab it via the widget below...

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Earlier this year, while some other parent bloggers were riding the wave of the latest "Anti-Princess" wave (it's like a rash that flares-up a couple of times a year, and has become an industry itself), I declared myself King, and took a completely different stance on the whole situation. My blog entry caught the eye of Melissa Levis, aka "Moey," who just last year released an album called PRINCESS REVOLUTION. While I wasn't familiar with MOEY'S MUSIC PARTY back in January, the past seven months or so have given me ample time to get educated.

The DVR is already set here at Rock Father HQ, as my oldest will no doubt be excited for the Season Finale of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC on The Hub. The action takes place this Saturday, with a special morning marathon capped-off by the Princess Coronation Episode in which Twilight Sparkle will be transformed. The folks from The Hub sent over full details, along with a video preview and a little info on a brand-new episode of LITTLEST PET SHOP which will follow MLP. Check 'em out below!

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