gazillionIt's National Bubble Week (officially March 8-14 this year), and to celebrate the coming of Spring, it's time to throw down a few words about bubbles... specifically, Gazillion Bubbles. Is there a better bubble solution out there? I know from buying bubbles for the girls (by the gallon, it would seem) that Gazillion Bubbles are always the biggest hit, and that's evident by the distinctive bottles that end up being plopped in front of me with a request to "buy more?" Now in it's 15th year, National Bubble Week invites families to signal the end of winter by stocking up on all the required supplies to get those beautiful spheres floating through the neighborhood. This year, I'll help make it even better by teaming up with the folks at Funrise Toys to get one of you hooked-up with the new Gazillion Bubble Monsoon Machine, right here on THE ROCK FATHER! Ready for some bubble fun?

As the Garden Section of THE ROCK FATHER is ramping-up again for 2015, we're planning our gardening activities for the new season, and in-turn are thinking about how to be as "green" as possible. In all honesty, "going green" when it comes to lawn and garden chemicals is not easy - and while I've made a mighty effort for the past five years, I've been unable to go 100%. With that in mind, the folks over at Birds & Blooms have offered-up three tips for growing a chemical-free garden that I'm sharing with you today.

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Accelerate the fun at the Hot Wheels Headquarters at MattelShop.comEach year, Mattel produces a limited-edition set of Hot Wheels vehicles that are sold exclusively through Walmart for Easter. Much like the Holiday Hot Rods series that they do,  these bargain-priced diecast rides are generally a one-and-done type of deal. Each store gets a sidekick display or two, and once they're gone, they're gone... and a ton of them end up on third-party resale sites like eBay for significantly higher prices. For 2015, the "Happy Easter" Series contains six cars, each priced at just $0.84 cents each in-store... but the trick is to actually find a whole set... which is where I come in. For the past two years, my girls have received a set, and I already have confirmation that the Easter Bunny will be delivering a set for my little ones this year as well. But there is another full set of six - one that I have here in my possession at Rock Father HQ, and I'm going to give it to one of you. These would make some really cool basket stuffers! Ready for a chance to win?

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It was actually 50° here today. That is an exciting development, and a reminder that while there's still a nasty amount of dirty snow outside that's finally starting to melt, just four weeks from now baseball will started, and green grass will be seen at least somewhere here in Illinois. As we "think Spring," I can't wait to hit the garden with the girls, and I'm already scoping out some new tools for 2015 - one of which has already arrived. The folks at Scotts Miracle-Gro sent me their new Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Universal Feeder Starter Kit, and I can't wait to try it out...

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Step2 Brand AmbassadorFunny thing is that we live just minutes away from Six Flags Great America here in Illinois, and I have yet to take the girls. We see the roller coasters towering over the horizon on a daily basis, and my little ones keep asking when they can ride those mighty creations. My answer is always "someday, when you're older." While they are the right age for the kiddie areas of the park, those coasters are a little way's off, but this year The Rock Daughters are going to have something very special - their own coaster, right here in our own backyard. Yes, the Step2 Extreme Coaster has become legendary over these past few years, but even as a Step2 Brand Ambassador (on the payroll, disclosure and all), I'd held off on getting one - largely due to it's coloring. Well, that's all changed, as Step2 has re-issued the Extreme Coaster in an all-new color scheme and graphics package for 2015. We now have one, but there's a slight problem... we have over two feet of snow on the ground right now...

It is 1° as I sit in my office typing this right now. For those of you that don't live in a cold weather climate, I'll explain that it's right about this time every year when we in Northern Illinois have just about had it with the cold and start looking forward to warmer weather. Here at Rock Father HQ, working in the yard is something we look forward to, and this year in particular I can't wait to have the snow melted and get out there. As I throw open the virtual doors of my Gardening section here on THE ROCK FATHER for 2015, my first entry for the season ahead is a little news from the folks at Toro, who sent over the details on two new models of mowers that will soon be rocking neighborhoods Nationwide - the Toro Recycler All-Wheel Drive, and customizable TimeCutter Zero-Turn. Let's take a peek...

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