On June 1, 2018, Ryan Reynolds will return to the big screen, once again starring as Wade Wilson in 20th Century Fox's DEADPOOL 2. Now, ahead of Thanksgiving, the first official teaser has arrived in all of its Bob Ross glory. Nothing wrong with fresh powder and making friends with happy little trees, but you're gonna want to keep this one from the kids as language is an issue, and stuff does blow up good. Check it out... and beat this teaser like it owes you money.

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Wednesday, November 23 2016 11:23

Well, HELLO there... Gobble Gobble!

THE ROCK FATHER Magazine has partnered with Hello Products to bring you this friendly feature.

It's Thanksgiving week, or as I like to think of it, that big speed bump on the highway between Halloween and the December Holidays. It's a time when things slow down, and part of that is simply because of all the eating - a lot of eating. Actually, Halloween is probably the true kick-off to the Holiday season, because October-December are all linked by an unseen evil that lurks with every meal, sweet and treat - the potential for cavities. For Halloween I tried to balance things out by staying "cavity-neutral," giving kids both candy and toothpaste... the naturally-friendly kind from Hello Products.  If there's a sugar rush, kids should also feel a need to rush to brush to protect those pearly whites - even if they're not "grownup teeth" just yet. Knock on wood, neither of The Rock Daughters™ have yet to have a cavity! But now, Thanksgiving... Gobble, Gobble!

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This adventure is brought to you by Walmart. THE ROCK FATHER is a Socialstars 2014 #WalmartAuto Ambassador. The Rubbermaid products featured in this story are all available in the Automotive Department of your local store or at Walmart.com.

Well, here we are again - just a week out from Thanksgiving (or X-mas rehearsal), Black Friday and all of the Holiday fun that will follow. It's that time of year to hit the road for those gatherings - the ones where you reconnect with beloved friends and family... and the occasional oddballs that you only see once or twice a year - the ones with personality traits straight out of a movie or sitcom. While the destination may vary, getting there should always be comfortable, and one way to do that is with car organization products from Walmart, like the Rubbermaid Mobile Backseat Organizer. I've got two of them here at Rock Father HQ, and they're perfect for keeping my girls' goodies organized for wherever we may roam.

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On February 4, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the recent film FREE BIRDS on Blu-ray and DVD. We've seen it, and it was cute. Now, families will have the chance to enjoy it whenever they'd like, and today THE ROCK FATHER is teaming-up with Fox to get one lucky reader hooked-up with a copy of the all-new Blu-ray! Want a chance to win? Scroll down, but first... some interesting facts about Turkeys.

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Tuesday, November 05 2013 00:55

FREE BIRDS - The Rock Father Review

In the interest of full-disclosure, it's my duty to inform you that I received my passes to check out FREE BIRDS from my friends over at CHUCK E. CHEESE'S. While they have a marketing partnership with Relativity Media (the studio behind the film), you really can't blame Chuck and the gang for how their product placement actually appeared in the final film. In fact, while I've seen many jump to discussing some vast pizza conspiracy - after all, this is a movie about time-travelling turkeys seeking to have turkey replaced with pizza on the Thanksgiving menu - I have a feeling that Relativity was actively seeking a pizza partner, and when they locked one in, it was those logos that got slapped upon a few empty boxes - creating what's actually an interesting inaccuracy, but one that's pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It's a movie about turkeys... for kids, and the kids that we took sure seemed to enjoy it.

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Shop Now at HotTopic.com!While there's a good chance that you're watching a parade right now or getting ready to chow down on some Thanksgiving Turkey, those in the mood for some early Black Friday shopping can head on over to Hot Topic's website for some crazy deals right now. Technically, I wrote this post on Tuesday and set it to publish today (gotta love technology), so while I'm not actually working, The Rock Father is still sharing the deals for families on a budget. How does "All Tees $10" sound?

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