Thursday, September 13 2018 11:18

UGLYDOLLS Grabs Some Funny Cast...

The cast for STXfilm UGLYDOLLS movie is shaping up. Today comes word that comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Wanda Sykes have joined the voice cast, taking roles alongside Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas and Pitbull, all of whom were previously announced. 

"Having two comedy powerhouses like Gabriel Iglesias and Wanda Sykes join the cast of UglyDolls adds yet another creative layer to this heartwarming film," said Adam Fogelson, Chairman of STXfilms. "Wanda's ability to be hilarious and sarcastic while always staying completely charming and Gabriel's undeniable likability and relatable brand of comedy round out this endearing story, and help create a world that pops for both children and adult audiences alike."

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I know there's a lot of STAR TREK fans that read the site (although I must pledge my allegiance to STAR WARS, J.J. Abrams has really bridged that gap, no?), and I'd imagine there's some UGLYDOLL fans out there, too... so this is for all of you - STAR TREK UGLYDOLLS are coming later this year, thanks to a new partnership between CBS Consumer Products and Pretty Ugly, makers of the 'Dolls.