STAR WARS is returning to it's roots... with production returning to the UK. While all of the previous six "episodic" films all had production activites take place in the UK at one time, the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) had a major connection there. The kid in me (who as an adult, sits under the shadow of an AT-AT in his office) is pretty excited.

Friday, May 10 2013 22:24

Watch: SESAME STREET's New Neighbor Revealed!

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This past Monday, you might've caught the first installment of a three-part video series that chronicled the casting of a new Hispanic Neighbor for SESAME STREET. As of today, the news is out that actor Ismael Cruz Córdova has joined the cast of SESAME STREET as Armando (or “Mando” as the gang on the 'Street has dubbed him) for the forthcoming 44th Season of the show. Armando is a writer from Puerto Rico who will join Maria (played by Sonia Manzano), Luis (Emilio Delgado) and Muppets™ Rosita and Ovejita (Carmen Osbahr) as part of SESAME STREET's bilingual community. Check out the video below for the full scoop, and keep your browser pointed at The Rock Father for more news from SESAME STREET very, very soon...

Wednesday, May 08 2013 17:49

PBS and PBS KIDS are on Roku... NOW.

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Some great news today for folks that use the Roku streaming platform: PBS and Roku have announced that videos from many favorite PBS and PBS KIDS programs, as well as programs from local PBS stations, are now available to consumers via Roku. Additionally, content from PBS Digital Studios (usually featured on YouTube) is also available. PBS hit The Rock Father with all the important details, all of which can be found below...

The residents of SESAME STREET are getting a new neighbor. The folks at Sesame Workshop set out to find a new Hispanic neighbor to join the SESAME STREET gang, and for the first time ever, an open casting call was held in New York City. The first in a three-part video series that documents their search for a new cast member is now online. Check out the casting call below...

Next week, the long-running children's series, ARTHUR, kicks off it's spring season with a full week of new episodes on PBS KIDS. Among the 10 new episodes are two devoted to the always-important subject of "bullying," with "The Last Tough Customer" airing Monday, May 6, and "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" airing on Friday, May 10. Details on all the new episodes and a preview can be viewed below.

PBS KIDS VIPEarth Day is this coming Monday, April 22, 2013... and PBS KIDS is presenting the television premiere of CURIOUS GEORGE SWINGS INTO SPRING! This all-new movie event features George and his pals exploring the magic of the Spring season through a colorful adventure. As a PBS KIDS VIP, I've already had the chance to enjoy this here at Rock Father HQ, and it comes highly-recommended by my own preschooler, Addie. She's watched it twice thus far. Check out a preview below...

Last year, legendary rockers and kings of cross-merchandising, KISS teamed up with Sanrio for a line of "KISS x Hello Kitty" products. A lot of hardcore rock fans balked at the idea, but the line was hugely successful - so much that it's spawned a new TV series that's in-development at The Hub right now. KISS Hello Kitty (working title) "will feature the four KISS x Hello Kitty characters living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in.

With Earth Day fast-approaching (Monday, April 22, 2013), parents looking to explore some earthy topics with their kids might want to check out THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: ALL ABOUT EARTH, one of the latest DVDs from the popular series. Out now through Scholastic/New Kideo, this 90-minute collection even features one of our favorite activities here at Rock Father HQ... gardening.  Full details below.

Is it Halloween in April? Weird to follow-up a post about toys based on THE MUNSTERS with this...

I've known about these for a bit, but now that photos for all of them have surfaced online, it's time to discuss a forthcoming wave of the Hot Wheels "Pop Culture" cars... UNIVERSAL HORROR.

This DORA isn't for the kiddies... but for parents to enjoy...

If you've been following along, then you already know that CollegeHumor followed-up their fake trailer for a live-action DORA THE EXPLORER movie with an actual live-action webseries event, DORA THE EXPLORER AND THE DESTINY MEDALLION. The parody got started last Tuesday with Part 1, and today the folks at CollegeHumor hit The Rock Father with Part 2. Check it out below, then be on the lookout for the explosive conclusion on April 2.

Monday, March 25 2013 22:21


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It doesn't happen often, but once in awhile there's a head-scratcher that arrives here at Rock Father HQ. The new film, CHARLIE: A TOY STORY is a prime example. Out on DVD April 2, 2013 through eOne Films, CHARLIE: A TOY STORY was produced by Engine 15 Media Group, the folks behind the embarassingly terrible A CARS LIFE movies (four so far) that shamelessly target Grandparents and budget-concious consumers that might be tricked into thinking they're picking up the latest installment of the popular Disney-Pixar franchise. They were also behind CHIHUAHUA: THE MOVIE, which I'm sure was meant to look absolutely nothing like the Disney-released BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA, which of course is why my Mom accidentally picked up a copy of the former much to the disappointment of the grandkids (not mine, but others). See a pattern here?

As I've noted before, we still have LEGO STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES OUT on our DVR from when it originally aired on Cartoon Network last year. With the DVD release happening this Tuesday (pre-order it here), the folks at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment sent over some self-created marketing "Memes" to help spread the word. While I don't know if there's a copy of the DVD headed to Rock Father HQ or not, we actually picked up the previous release, LEGO STAR WARS: THE PADAWAN MENACE on Blu-ray this past Friday since the little ones younglings hadn't seen it yet. Check out the ad-memes below...

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