There's a lot of bands that never get their proper due, and it seems that I tend to find myself a fan of many of them - bands that sometimes disappear for a bit, and then return. HELMET, FAITH NO MORE, PRONG - all of those fit that bill, and now we can add CANDIRIA to that mix. A genre-bending Brooklyn band that melded metal, jazz, funk - even hip-hop elements into their sonic mix, it was a horrific van crash that changed everything. Now, they've signed to Metal Blade Records and will release their first album since 2009 next year.

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Funk. Yep, catch me when the time is right, and I very well might be "The Funk Father." I've always had an affection for proper 70s funk and soul - even trying to work some of those grooves into my own jams back in that strange time called "The 1990s." My Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal got a workout in those days, and while most of what I did went in some weird punky-metal direction, my own musical schizophrenia diversity has always led me to enjoy many types of music, despite "rock" being home base. One band I've dug comes straight out of Dayton, Ohio, and there's a good chance that even if you don't know THE OHIO PLAYERS, you'll recognize their music - hits like "Fire" and "Love Rollercoaster" (covered in '96 by THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS). Now, four of the original Ohio Players (Drummer James ‘Diamond’ Williams, Keyboardist Billy Beck, Guitarist Clarence ‘Chet’ Willis and Percussionist Robert ‘Kuumba’ Jones) are back in the studio working on a new record with an energized line-up and they're seeking some crowdfunding help to make it happen. Check out the details on the new album, RESET below, along with The Ohio Players' IndieGoGo pitch...

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So here we are on a Sunday Afternoon and I'm posting a review of ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, the new album from the SUGAR FREE ALLSTARS. Yes, the timing is intentional, though this review was actually keyed into The Rock Father's somewhat-evil supercomputer several days ago and set to post at 12:01pm CST, so that technically it would post after noon - by a minute. Set for release this Tuesday on Wiser Music, ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON may not be a record for everyone, hence, I must ask you a question: Do you like Funk?

Friday, April 27 2012 12:05

Watch & Groove: B.T. EXPRESS - "Express"

I've discovered that my daughter shares an affection for funk. Despite this site being called The Rock Father,™ you can't be ''all rock, all the time" (well, you could, but that would be boring). You need a well-rounded musical pallete, and I'm hopefully teaching my daughter the ways of The Force so that she'll never become one of those kids that says ''Well I don't listen to that!'' when exposed to different things.  Today's lesson: B.T. Express.

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I learned something last night - my wife doesn't like Humpty Dumpty. She said she doesn't like anything about it, starting with the classic tale itself. I was showing my daughter this new video for Humpty Dumpty Plays Bass and Falls Off the Wall from GROOVE KID NATION's MUSIC IN MOTION album (released last year), and while she loved it - my wife was still a bit hesitant. ''I don't know where this is going,'' she said with a sly look on her face. I had no idea that she had such disdain for Humpty. What my daughter really digs about the video below is that Humpty rocks a ''fish-shaped bass.''

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