7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! The countdown is on for a new collection of music from one of my favorite bands in the kindie rock scene, The Not-Its! Whether they are dealing with the challenge of curriculum night at school, or a runaway bike, or getting buried in the tangled mess of lies, the 12 songs on Ready or Not! present a multi-layered sonic exploration of the adventure of childhood. Set for release on Friday, September 21 via Burnside Distribution (order-now via Bandcamp), today The Rock Father™ and The Not-Its! have teamed-up to give you a sneak-preview of what's in-store with the World Premiere music video, "Hide and Seek!" But that's not all - we're kicking off a celebration for the new album and giving all of you a chance to take part. One lucky reader will score a prize pack that includes 2018's "Ready or Not!," 2016's "Are You Listening?" and a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Check out the new video below!

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What an Election year this has been. With unprecedented wackiness on all sides of the aisle, we can expect the chaos and controversy to continue well through Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th. As I've already experienced here at Rock Father HQ, kids are asking questions, and whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or an unlikely-to-win third-party candidate will be getting your vote this season (I'm voting for Optimus Prime since I agree with his platform that "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"), there's an opportunity to use this season to teach kids how our system is supposed to work. At that center of that system is Washington, D.C. - a city that evokes some natural curiosity in kids... a place unlike any other in the United States, and today Seattle's THE NOT-ITS! are paying tribute with the release of their new music video. "Washington, D.C." is a song that's been featured here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine in the past (get a free download here), and today it's back as one of my favorite bands in the "Kindie Scene" (and one with legit indie cred) goes on a big adventure...

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THE ROCK FATHERAs I decided to resurrect my old "Random Rock" Column this week, I started looking at the news in my inbox and having flashbacks to a pre-email era. MELVINS... ALICE IN CHAINS... HARVEY DANGER... REVEREND HORTON HEAT? Was it 1997 again? I say that in jest, of course, since I love all of those bands.

Below, you'll find rapid-fire updates on those artists and more, right here on THE ROCK FATHER.

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It's always a fine day when Seattle Kindie Rockers THE NOT-ITS! serve-up something new. A fine day, because I get to remind you that they're the guilty parties behind one of my favorite albums of 2013, KidQuake!, which I reviewed here on The Rock Father way back in February. Yes, these members of "The Kindiependent Collective" (which includes Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education, and The Harmonica Pocket) are a favorite around these parts, and now they've got a new video out for "Rock, Paper, Scissors" - one that I'm sharing with you tonight. Added Bonus: Frontwoman Sarah Shannon is gonna teach you how to do the dance... complete with the universal hand signal for ROCK: \m/ \m/

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Seattle rockers, THE NOT-ITS! are the band behind the recently-released album, KidQuake! - a record that currently holds the title for "The Rock Father's favorite Kids & Family release of 2013." Will it hold through the end of the year? Time will have to tell on that one, but today comes the release of the second video from the album (see the "Busy" first one, here) with "Let's Skateboard.

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Thursday, February 07 2013 22:20

THE NOT-ITS! - "KidQuake!" (Album Review)

Kindie Rock has it's first major hit of 2013. Seattle's THE NOT-ITS! (part of "The Kindiependent Collective" alongside Recess Monkey, Caspar Babypants, Johnny Bregar, The Board of Education and The Harmonica Pocket) have just released KIDQUAKE!, their fourth full-length album... a foot-stompin', pogo-inducing, guitar-driven rock fest for all.

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