I'd like to think that when it comes to those "dad stereotypes" that are out there, I tend to not fit the bill. There is one, however, that I will fully admit to being a part of: I am a purveyor of "Dad Hair." I'm also not proud of that fact, yet my own hair has often been unruly over the years. I've had it gloriously long - did the 90s shoulder-length thing for awhile, and currently have it short and a little bit rockin'. I also once sported a dreaded mullet back in 1993. That's another fact that I'm not proud of, but I assure you it was a very fashionable, and somewhat enviable style in Iowa back then. Now, with two daughters, I often find myself serving as their stylist, and the results have thus far been mixed. With Back-to-School in full-effect, I've added some new tools to my arsenal with an assortment of SoCozy salon-quality hair care products for kids, several of which were sent to Rock Father HQ for me to put to the test... complete with COZY'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO GIRLS' HAIR.

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On May 4, Brooklyn-based artist Suzi Shelton will release her first full-length family music album in six years. Produced by Marc Bazerman, and featuring guest vocals by Mike Messer from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band and Chicago's own Little Miss Ann, SMILE IN MY HEART is a twelve-track collection of original and traditional songs. Later this week, Suzi will debut the first of several planned music videos from the album, when "Cinnamon Bear" hits the 'net.

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Kindie Rocker Alex Mitnick has come to television, and if you happen to be one of my friends on the East Coast - specifically in New York - you can catch his new series, ALEX & THE KALEIDOSCOPE every Thursday morning at 11am on NYC-TV and on cable systems throughout the New York Tri-State Area on the NYC-TV LIFE Network. The new show is being described as "Anthony Bourdain meets Mr. Rogers," and features Alex looking through his kaleidoscope to find a constant stream of new adventures. Check out a five-minute preview below...

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Once in awhile I get something that lands here at Rock Father HQ and I find myself puzzled on where to put it. I have a lot of coverage area on the site, but even here in the "For Grownups" section, I'm sometimes stumped. In this case, I don't have a section for Dance, but here I am sharing with you some videos from New York's KEIGWIN + COMPANY. The reason? My wife is a MASSIVE fan of PROJECT RUNWAY, and the latest video features fashion designer AUSTIN SCARLETT, whose work my wife very much enjoys.

New York's THE OHMIES have announced a September 17 release date for their new album, MORNING WISH GARDEN. Based on their interactive musical theater experience that launched in 2011, the album features 10 songs produced by GRAMMY nominee Tor Hyams and will be available this coming Tuesday at a discounted price via the band's official website.

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Monday, February 25 2013 23:44

Watch: RATBOY JR. - "Guitar Pickin' Chicken"

I recently received a copy of CHAMPIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, the recent album by New York State duo RATBOY JR. It's here in my insanely-growing queue of (mostly) great new Kids and Family music awaiting some proper coverage here on The Rock Father, and while that luchador on the cover (Santos?) keeps staring at me - seemingly growing angrier by the day - here comes a new music video from RATBOY JR. Check out "Guitar Pickin' Chicken" below.

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