Who was "the Kanye West of clowning?" That's just one of the questions answered in the first episode of PBS Digital Studios' Origin of Everything - The True Origin of Killer Clowns. With a modern reimagining of Stephen King's IT scaring up big box office, Yale Doctoral Candidate, Danielle Bainbridge looks beyond Pennywise and back through a rich history of clowning that's served up legendary scares from Killer Clowns from Outer Space to American Horror Story and Bozo's Circus. Okay, maybe not Bozo, but Cookie and Wizzo always seemed "off" to me. 

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Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? The correct answer to that is it's NEVER too early to be thinking about Halloween, and that's exactly what I'm thinking of now, as the folks at PBS Digital Studios in collaboration with Pemberley Digital have announced that they're putting a modern spin on the classic novel FRANKENSTEIN with their first scripted series, FRANKENSTEIN M.D. Three episodes will premiere on the PBS Digital Studios YouTube channel Tuesday, August 19, with the full run set to feature 24 episodes, each between five to eight minutes. New episodes will roll out weekly on Tuesday and Friday for 10 weeks, culminating in a dramatic Halloween finale on Friday, October 31.

Have you ever wondered why your brain is in your head? Joe Hanson has, and in the latest episode of PBS Digital Studios' IT'S OKAY TO BE SMART, he looks into exactly why it is where it is, and why Darwin and Taco Bell have more in common than you'd think, and somehow Kanye West and Daft Punk get worked into the mix. How exactly did evolution plant the seed that is your brain? Find out below...

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If you grew up in the 1980s as did I, you blew into a Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge more than a few times. I did, and I still have my non-functioning NES (and a Power Glove!) stored safely away for eventual repair. But did blowing into the cartridge really work to aid in the weird NES start-up glitches? That depends on who you speak with about it, but the one thing I've heard most over the years has been confirmed by Nintendo themselves - that blowing into the cartridge can cause damage by corroding it due to the moisture in your breath. This week, PBS Digital Studios' IT'S OK TO BE SMART looks into the mystery of "Why Did we Blow On Nintendo Games?" Take a look at what they have to say about it...

My friends over at PBS Digital Studios have something really great to share today - a previously-unheard interview from LOUIS ARMSTRONG, conducted in 1964 by "two young kids" - Michael Aisner and James R. Stein, for the New Trier High School radio station. The interview took place at Ravinia - which is fairly close to Rock Father HQ here in Chicago's Northern Suburbs, and features Satchmo discussing the origin of his nickname, how his career got started and more. It's fascinating to hear, but also fun to watch as it's been animated as part of BLANK ON BLANK, the ongoing series from David Gerlach. Check it out below.

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PBS KIDS VIPIf you're reading this midday on May 13, 2013... just know that I'm currently sitting in the aisle seat of a Boeing 737 en route to Miami. Thanks to internet magic, The Rock Father website continues posting new content even when I'm away, and that's just another example of technology at it's finest. This week's adventure is taking me to the PBS Annual Meeting. It's my first trip 'as' "The Rock Father" - and only the third time since becoming a parent nearly four years ago that I've actually gone away on business... or been away from my family.

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