When it was announced last Fall that rock icons HENRY ROLLINS and IGGY POP would be lending their voices to a couple of new residents of Nice and Friendly Corners, the interest of many was piqued as to how their appearance on SHERIFF CALLIE'S WILD WEST would play out. Turns out that Rollins and I have something in common outside of our adventures in rock, and that's a love for the Disney Junior series and Callie herself! Some people collect STAR WARS figures and toys from a galaxy far, far away... but Henry prefers his collectibles to be a little more "Wild West." Below you'll find a pair of clips from new week's episode, "Blazing Skaters," along with an exclusive excerpt from a secretly-held interview in which Henry Rollins declares himself to be "The Biggest Callie Fan" - and he's got the collection to prove it! 

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There's some familiar voices riding into Nice and Friendly Corners this Fall as the first Western for preschoolers, SHERIFF CALLIE'S WILD WEST, welcomes some truly rockin' guest stars. Season two finds comedian KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY saddling-up as a card shark rooster named Phineas Foolery; Rock and roll legends IGGY POP and HENRY ROLLINS as the Silverado Brothers, a pair of skating ermine silver thieves; and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter CHRIS ISAAK as singing horse bandit Johnny Strum. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist FLEA is back, reprising his role as the Milk Bandit, a thieving wildcat set on stealing all of the milk in Nice and Friendly Corners. The season two premiere takes place SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 (8:00 a.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel

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If you have little ones in the house, there's a good chance that Disney Junior is part of your routine, and along with that comes some frequent visits to Nice and Friendly Corners. SHERIFF CALLIE'S WILD WEST is one of the rising stars of Disney, so it's no surprise that our unboxing and review of the new collection of toys from Just Play was a big hit here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine back in April. Now, if you're following along, you might've caught mention of something on my Facebook page right around the same time - that we were planning a giveaway for something in that box. You see, the folks at Just Play sent us both their medium plush and bean plush assortments, so we decided to set aside the complete set of bean plush for a reader giveaway, and that's happening right now!

Over the past year or so, SHERIFF CALLIE'S WILD WEST has become a pretty big hit for Disney Junior, and for us here at Rock Father HQ. In fact, with a second season on the way, Callie and the crew are very much a part of the "Trinity" of Disney Junior series' here - right alongside DOC McSTUFFINS and SOFIA THE FIRST. With Mandy Moore voicing the titular Calico cat, kids can get some Wild West-style adventure with an underlying message of problem solving and working with others. One question I've seen posted quite frequently on my social networks is "where are the toys?" - and right now, the answer is simple: Target. Launched a few months back, Just Play has issued a full assortment of toys straight out of Nice and Friendly Corners, and ready for plenty of big adventures. The Rock Daughters recently received a sampling for review, and we're sharing a look today with a new installment of our UNBOXED video series, and some thoughts from yours truly...

On my visits to The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, I've noticed the life-sized FIX IT FELIX JR. machines (perhaps the same machine) in two different locations. Built to promote the release of WRECK-IT RALPH back in 2012, the FIX IT FELIX JR. games are based largely upon DONKEY KONG JR., and present a true throwback to classic arcade gaming. The girls and I recently made a Papercraft FIX IT FELIX JR. machine using printer paper and a template found on DeviantArt (an alternate plan exists on Disney's official site). The end result is a little sloppy, but it's perfectly-scaled for 3 ¾" action figures, and inspired this photo. "Meanwhile at The Walt Disney Studios Offices..."

Tomorrow, my friends at The Walt Disney Company will debut the new Disney Junior anthem, "DJ Shuffle," with the official music video set to appear on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Performed by Parry Gripp, frontman of NERF HERDER, and the mastermind behind YouTube sensations such as "Do You Like Waffles?," the song comes from the first-ever Disney Junior compilation album, DJ SHUFFLE, which will be released on March 18th via Walt Disney Records. While you'll have to wait until tomorrow to catch it on television, THE ROCK FATHER is proud to partner with Disney Junior to present the Exclusive Premiere, right here, right now! Get ready to do the "DJ Shuffle," and hit play on the video below...

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