Good news for the residents of Enchancia - Disney Junior has ordered a second season of their hit series, SOFIA THE FIRST. With the first season having made it's debut just two months ago, SOFIA's popularity was practically instantaneous, as the series now tops the charts for Kids 2-5, Girls 2-5, and Boys 2-5. It's also a big hit here at Rock Father HQ, with the DVR set to record new episodes each Friday.

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I'm bummed that I'm not going to Toy Fair. Eventually I'll figure out a good way to cover out-of-town events, but for now I'm pretty busy here at Rock Father HQ with The Rock Daughters. In the meantime, folks like the crew over at Disney Consumer Products are still kind enough to share some news with me, and tonight I've got a sneak-preview of Disney's Hot Toys of 2013... complete with pre-Toy Fair pictures. I already see a few items that are destined to arrive here later this year...

SOFIA THE FIRST made made a big splash this past Friday, with her Disney Junior premiere becoming the #1 preschool series launch in cable history. While the arrival of a new Princess on the block brought the Anti-Princess parents out in droves, the overwhelming majority (including myself) seems to have enjoyed the show with their children. To conicide with the launch of the new series, the SOFIA THE FIRST: STORY THEATER App has been released for iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone.

As countless conflicts continue to rage around the Globe, there's always a few that seem to get swept under the mental rug and forgotten about. We often think of the mess in the Middle East, with those "name-brand" clashes like the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the War in Afghanistan, etc., but often forget about those other places like Burma and the Congo until a new RAMBO movie comes out to remind us (thanks, Sly!). As blood continues to be shed elsewhere, here in the 'States rages a war that has been spoken about in the media for years, debated in blogs, and has recently flared up once more... those against "The Princess Industrial Complex" Vs. pretty much everyone else.

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