The summer of 1996 was a strange time in my life... I was about six months into my return to Chicagoland after a four-year stint living in Iowa, performing in a band that was now long-distance, working a not-great job, and just about 12 months away from my first date with the woman whom I married to today. You remember things by the soundtrack, an part of my soundtrack that year was HOT, the breakthrough album by the SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS. On the CD shelves in my office here at Rock Father HQ, I still have my original copy of that album, along with some that followed, including PERENNIAL FAVORITES and CHRISTMAS CARAVAN (a modern Xmas classic). The "20th Anniversary Reissue" is a phenomenon that always serves to make me feel a tad more vintage, and that's what happened last night when the folks at Disney hit my inbox with news that HOT was getting the treatment, re-mastered with a bonus track called "The Puffer," and back on 180-gram vinyl for the first time in a long time. My interest was piqued, particularly by the vinyl - though I have to say I'm not as keen on the touring news that was also included in the email.

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There's a lot of legit rockers making great music for the whole family these days, and that makes for some exciting options for listeners young and old. You've got members of Harvey Danger and Velocity Girl in THE NOT-ITS!; CASPAR BABYPANTS is really just Chris Ballew from The Presidents of The United States of America; Kay Hanley from Letters to Cleo writes music for DOC McSTUFFINS; fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff wrote music for SUPER WHY!; and the list goes on. Now comes THE SQUEEGEES, a Los Angeles-based band with a couple of high-profile members in Pierre de Reeder (RILO KILEY) and Chris Phillips (SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS), who together with Samantha Tobey (a former "Mommy & Me" music teacher) and crew are gearing-up for the release of their second album of kindie jams, VEGGIE SOUP. Check out their new video, "I Can I Can" below...

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