The spirit of true American metal is coming to Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer. In collaboration with AXE HEAVEN, makers of cool, miniature replica guitars, War Machine Marketing will bring an officially-licensed limited-edition set of PANTERA guitars to SDCC. Based on the titles of PANTERA albums and inspired by Dimebag Darrell's iconic "Dean from Hell," these will be extremely limited with just 30 sets of all 5 guitars available and 36 each of the 3 main guitars available each day.  Due to the extremely limited nature of these guitars, a raffle will be held each day to determine the order of who can purchase them.

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I've had some adventures over the years, and from those "past lives" comes a little backstory as to what I'm sharing here today. Back in the early-mid 1990s, while I was playing in bands and doing a little television on occasion, I was also working in print, writing some reviews and features that were often tied directly into regional happenings. One publication that I'd done a bit of writing for still exists today - The River Cities' Reader, based out of Davenport, Iowa. I'd penned some stories for them during my time living in The Quad Cities, but there was one that came about after I'd already moved back to the Chicago area - a 1996 interview with PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul. It was a short piece - a simple promotional article to preview the band's forthcoming show at The Mark of The Quad Cities (currently dubbed the "iWireless Center") in support of their then-new release, THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL. With Rhino Records releasing a 20th Anniversary Edition of that album later this month, I snagged this one from storage and am republishing it here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. While it's nothing groundbreaking, there's a few cool quotes in there that really sum-up a band that I was fortunate to have been able to see a few times while they were touring in their prime. Enjoy...

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The folks behind Sock Puppet Parody are back, and this time they're keeping the Texas vibe alive with a send-up of PANTERA's "Walk." Performed by HAMPTERA (of "Folding Hostile" fame), this one's got the seal of approval from PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul himself! Check out the new clip below, and watch for Vinnie (currently busy with HELLYEAH) at the end. Bonus Fact: Back in the early 90s, my friends and I used to call Dime & Vinnie's house to hear their "PANTERA Hotline!" answering machine messages. Sometimes we'd leave a message as a goof.

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Are you raising a baby Cowboy From Hell? If so, the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have just released the lullaby album for your little one's nursery. LULLABY VERSIONS OF PANTERA (now on iTunes) features a dozen PANTERA classics, reworked into "lush instrumental versions" perfect for baby... and for parents that love the metal. To celebrate the release, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star has authorized an Exclusive Track Premiere right here on The Rock Father. Feast your ears on the lullaby version of one of my favorite PANTERA cuts, "I'm Broken" below!

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pantera logo20 Years Ago, PANTERA redefined metal when Atco Records released COWBOYS FROM HELL, the legendary album that opened the "Cemetery Gates" and introduced a legion of metal fans to the true "Art of Shredding." With their unmistakable brand of Texas groove-metal, PANTERA quickly became of the biggest acts in heavy music.

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61byrgK0cVL. SL500 AA300 I wasn't impressed with the first outing by HELLYEAH, the rock Voltron comprised of lions from PANTERA, MUDVAYNE, and NOTHINGFACE.
On their second album, STAMPEDE (released this week through Epic), the band improves, though sadly not enough to bring Hellyeah into the same territory of their more famous other bands.
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