Crosspulse Percussion EnsembleThere's weeks here on occasion, where so much music arrives at Rock Father HQ that I can't always remember what showed up, or where it came from. A prime example is I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU (YES I DO!), the new album from Oakland's CROSSPULSE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE. Throughout the entire experience of listening to it... enjoying it... and preparing to sit down and share some words about it... I couldn't figure out how it actually arrived here. Eventually I did (thanks to a search of the 14,738 emails in my "deleted items" folder), but now that's beside the point. CROSSPULSE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE (CPE) have crafted a very interesting record.

It seems that there's been a huge increase in kids and family music titles being released over the past few weeks, and this one is no exception.  From Kindie to Lullabies, World Music to Soundtracks, there's a little something for everyone hitting the racks (both physical and virtual) today, September 25, 2012. Check out some  select titles below...

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The Secret Mountain has announced an October release for Songs in the Shade of the Olive Tree: Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes from the Maghreb, the latest in their series of International titles which feature a full-length audio CD released alongside a full-color, illustrated book.

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Friday, September 21 2012 13:23

Mister G - CHOCOLALALA (Album Review)

*Note: There's an update at the bottom of this post. Funny story - Back on September 7, acclaimed children's musician MISTER G unfollowed The Rock Father on twitter. I have no idea why he'd do that, but I use a service called "JustUnfollow" to keep track of such things (interesting social experiment), so I returned the favor by unfollowing @MisterGSongs. Then I tweeted about it.

Ya know, I get a ton of news and invites to events in New York City - specifically Brooklyn - but hardly see anything come through for homebase (between Chicago and Milwaukee). I'm not sure why, but it would seem that Brooklyn is just as much a mecca for family music events as it is for indie rock. That said, here's another cool event for families, set to take place this Sunday, July 22nd. It's the MIL'S TRILLS 2nd ANNUAL SUMMER BASH: UKE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Check out the full details below.

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