At the end of J.J. Abrams' 2015 film, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, the world witnessed the return of a Jedi Master... Luke Skywalker. Stoic and silent, the film ended on what Mark Hamill calls "a literal cliffhanger," and on December 15, audiences will see the story pick up right where we left off when Rian Johnson's STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI hits screens. This story has nothing to do with either of those films, but much to do it has with the return of another Jedi Master... Yoda. Last seen on the big screen in 1983's RETURN OF THE JEDI, it is of course possible that the little muppet may return for THE LAST JEDI (spoiler?), but it's Recess Monkey's Jack Forman that has brought him back  first. Listeners to Sirius XM's Kids Place Live have been loving "Yodeling Yoda," and now we have a music video to go with it. Wampas? FX-7 Medical Droid? Vintage action figures from the Kenner Star Wars collection? Oh yes, they're all here, right alongside Forman as he does his best to train in the swamps of Dagobah... or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Listen and watch, you will!

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I've said this before, but with so many new STAR WARS fans finding themselves immersed in a galaxy far, far away thanks to THE FORCE AWAKENS, if you're not watching STAR WARS REBELS on Disney XD, now is the time to get started - or to catch up on the first season and a half, and jump-in where we're at right now. Things are getting good as the timeline inches closer to what we'll end up seeing in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY later this year, and in a more familiar form, where the story began in 1977's STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. In next week's episode, "Shroud of Darkness," Jedi Master Yoda returns, as does Darth Vader. Take a look at the latest preview below, and hit my Facebook for all the latest stills from the new episode!

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Back when I was going overboard with my STAR WARS collecting addiction, I had this "Interactive Yoda and Lightsaber" that Tiger Electronics and Hasbro released. A lot of what was inside it was closely related to the Furby, and while 15 years has brought us Hasbro's forthcoming Furbacca (so cool), the robotic geniuses at Spin Master Toys just may have waiting in the wings what I'd always hoped that "Interactive Yoda" would've been. Straight out of Toy Fair comes this Sneak-Peek at Spin Master's LEGENDARY YODA. Take a look...

Each year, I avoid going to the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego, always sticking to my guns that I won't do conventions again until I have something new to promote personally. Then I queue Jack Nicholson in my head, and just ponder all of those "wonderful toys" that I'm missing out on, while contemplating a change in position. Some of this year's wonderful toys? The just-revealed STAR WARS Black Series JABBA THE HUTT Throne Room Set (SDCC-Exclusive) and YODA (from the 6" Black Series Line). Check 'em out below...