Last week, ZAK MORGAN released his new album, THE BARBER OF THE BEASTS (look for a full review on The Rock Father soon), and along with it came a video. "The Case of the Dry Markers" is a frightening tale for anyone seeking to do a little damage to the whiteboard, as a dry marker is never a good thing. Funkmaster Bootsy Collins joins Morgan for the song, and the video features Zak's Grandmother, a bunch of kids, and a haunted school. Check it out below!

I first told you that AVENGED SEVENFOLD would be getting the lullaby treatment last month, and today is they day that it finally happens. The folks over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have just released LULLABY VERSIONS OF AVENGED SEVENFOLD, a collection of 12 A7X favorites reworked into "lush instrumental versions" perfect for rocking the nursery... gently. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below...

Whether you want to call it a "Hurricane" or a "Superstorm," the weather event known as "Sandy" left a path of destruction that is beyond belief. One of the many areas facing massive clean-up is the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, and on November 11, the Hip Tot Music Festival will host a Famiyl Fundraiser to benefit the Red Hook Initiative for Sandy Relief Efforts. Music will be by The Itty Biddies.

On December 4, the BOOGERS will serve up their third batch of punk rock for kids when EXTRACTUM VICTORIS hits the streets. It's no secret that the BOOGERS are well-respected here at Rock Father HQ (check reviews of their first two albums here and here), so when word came in today that the band has a new video, you can bet that I was excited to share it. Below the break you can check out "Pandas Are Dangerous," a song with an important message for the whole family.

Earlier this month, I mentioned that the DEFTONES were about to get lullabied, and as of today it's happened. LULLABY VERSIONS OF DEFTONES (get it on iTunes) has been released by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star as a part of their popular, and fast-growing lineup of lullabies (currently 89 titles). The Rock Father has the full rundown on the tracklisting below. If your baby is a little rocker, you'll love this one!

With Halloween just a week away, the searches for "Halloween Music" are increasing, and as such the folks at PANDORA have answered the call. Branching from their Halloween Hub, the personalized music service has launched five seasonal stations, each putting a different spin on the spooktacular season. The Rock Father has all the info on each below.

Ever since it's release in 1984, people have been doing cover versions of Ray Parker Jr.'s theme from GHOSTBUSTERS. I've heard a ton of 'em, but two of the best belong to HOOBASTANK and MELO-M. Hoobastank's rockin' 2009 cover came complete with what is essentially a live-action version of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS cartoon for the video...

We all know what happens to old Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' classic story, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. But prior to his ghost-induced personal turnaround, how did he act during the rest of the year? What was his demeanor during other holidays, like say, Halloween? Chicago's own POOCHAMUNGAS might just have the answer, as revealed in their new seasonal song, "Bah Humbug Halloween." Stream the track below, then grab a FREE Download (through Oct 31) on CDBaby!

Back in the spring, Brooklyn duo THE POP UPS (Jacob Stein & Jason Rabinowitz) released RADIO JUNGLE (review here), arguably one of 2012's best albums geared toward the Kindie realm. It's been a little bit since I'd heard from them, but an email hit my inbox yesterday from Jacob, alerting me to "Miss Elephant's Gerald," a new Halloween single from the band, complete with a video starring Jason's new baby daughter, Ruthie Blue. The jazzy track is on iTunes right now, and you can see the video below - a surprise entry into 2012's 31 Days of Halloween.

If you're raising a little rocker, the folks over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have two upcoming collections that you're likely to be interested in. In fact, while I've covered their line of lullabies extensively in the past, The Rock Father is highly excited for their lullaby tributes to the DEFTONES and AVENGED SEVENFOLD. Like all of their releases, TTLRS has transformed a collection of hits and fan favorites from each band into "lush instrumental versions" perfect for gently rocking your babies' nursery. Check out the tracklistings and cover art below!

Gustafer Yellowgold rules. If you're not familiar with the little yellow fellow from the Sun, you're missing out (and so are your kids)! Earlier this year, Gustafer (a creation of Morgan Taylor) released his fifth CD/DVD, GUSTAFER YELLOWGOLD'S YEAR IN THE DAY (read my review on The Rock Father, here), a "Musical Moving Book" that presents each song with an animated short film. As Gustafer and his friends explore the holidays and seasons of Earth, Halloween is celebrated with the catchy number, "Werewolves Rock." Now, that video is online...

After bursting onto the Kindie Rock scene with their 2008 album, ROAD TO ROCK (review here), Chicago's BOOGERS followed it up with another excellent batch of RAMONES-inspired punk rock on 2010's LET'S GO! (review here). Now, on December 4, 2012, the BOOGERS will return with their third album, EXTRACTUM VICTORIS. The Rock Father has the cover art and tracklisting for you below...

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