Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star just hit The Rock Father with news that they've released yet another collection of popular songs in lullaby form, this one being LULLABY VERSIONS OF SOUTHERN ROCK. The new collection hit iTunes this week and features 'lush instrumental versions' of songs made famouse by the likes of ZZ Top, Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more. Check out the track listing below.

Earlier this week I teased this, and now you can hear it for yourself. SWIMMERS is a new kindie rock project from Ernest Wuethrich - a stay-at-home Dad and fellow Rock Father. Last month, Ernest entered Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA - best-known for it's metal and hardcore recordings - to lay down the first two songs from SWIMMERS. The end result can be streamed/purchased below through Bandcamp. Check out "Summers are the Breakfasts of Champions" and "Weekend Warriors of the Future"...

Since it's been a busy time here becoming a Dad for the second time and all, I've missed some updates from the Kindie world, so here's a roundup of some news you should pay attention to. Here's updates on the latest from Recess Monkey, Hot Peas 'N Butter, Elizabeth Mitchell, Bill Harley, Hullabaloo, and Swimmers.

The folks over at PBS Digital Studios just hit The Rock Father with the news that due to the recent sucess of their highly-viral Mister Rogers video ''Garden of Your Mind,'' they've made the audio track available as a FREE MP3!

As we enter day 11 with no rain here in Northern Illinois, 'drought' is the word on the tongues of many. The plants in the garden here at Rock Father HQ have been thirsty lately (though we've taken care of them), and some flowers have already turned a little crispy. It makes you wish for a rainy day, and even though we don't have one for real, HULLABALOO has delivered an ''Out Standing'' music video to remind us that the rain will come again one day. Check it out below.

Rock Father Musicbot 6000 here with a press release from Melissa Green regarding her new record, SING LOUD!

Award winning children's musician Melissa Green looks ahead with pride to the July 31 release of her fourth studio CD, Sing Loud! Featuring two duets that mark the kids' music debut of guest artist Brooke Shields, Sing Loud! celebrates the art of having confidence, being who you are, and empowering yourself with the knowledge that you can do anything you truly set your mind to!

''Nobody likes getting out of bed in the morning, but if you gotta do it you might as well make it a funky dance party,'' states SUGAR FREE ALLSTARS vocalist Chris Wiser about ''Gotta Get Up,'' the duo's brand-new music video. Combining stop-motion animation (from over 3,000 images) with live action video, new clip was crafted by filmmaker Kyle Roberts of Reckless Abandonment Pictures and released this morning, day-and-date with Sugar Free's new album, ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON (read my review here). Check it out below...

When I was a kid, the only 'summer camp' I went to was a Church camp in Michigan called 'Tower Hill.' I still have nightmares about the place, but in retrospect it's probably where I learned to throw up the horns \m/ \m/ and become an metal-loving atheist. For kids now, they can bypass all the mumbo-jumbo and just skip ahead to throwing up horns and headbanging, as the famed SCHOOL OF ROCK just sent The Rock Father details on their first-ever METAL CAMP for ''young metalheads ages 12-18.'' Now this sounds like the kind of place that I'd be proud to send my kids.

For the local readers near Rock Father HQ in the North Suburbs of Chicago, children's entertainer LAURIE BERKNER has just announced a special solo show at the Ravinia Music Festival in Highland Park on July 28. The performance will be presented by the Kraft Great Kids Series, which will also feature The Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra, Ralph's World, and more throughout the summer season.

Today's not only the day that MAROON 5 sees the release of their SONGS ABOUT JANE 10th Anniversary Edition (get it now on iTunes), but it's also the day that they get paid tribute via Lullaby. The folks over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star just sent over details on LULLABY VERSIONS OF MAROON 5 (now on iTunes), a collection of 12 ''lush instrumental versions'' of popular tracks from the band, perfect for baby's nursery, or just for relaxation for Mom and Dad. This collection doesn't just mine the past, it's got lullaby versions of "Payphone" and "Come to the Water" from the HUNGER GAMES as well. Tracklisting below...

We've been digging the debut album from RIFF ROCKIT for awhile here at Rock Father HQ (check out my review right here), so when word came down that he was filming a live DVD at his L.A. showcase this past March, we were pretty excited. Now comes news that the DVD will be released this summer, and while the exact date has yet to be revealed, some behind-the-scenes pics and early info has emerged. 

The Rock Father Musicbot 6000 checking in with a Press Release from The Secret Mountain:

The Secret Mountain has announced the release of the second book-CD in their international collection of soothing songs for family listening. Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree: French Creole Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes will be available for the first time in North America this summer.

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