The guys over at Roma Music Group have been busy again, and this past week they issued two new EPs in their long-running TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR collection of lullabies. Available now, Lullaby Versions of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and Lullaby Versions of RISE AGAINST each transform a half-dozen hits from their artist of inspiration into "lush instrumental" versions perfect for your littlest rockers' nursery. Check out the tracklistings, artwork and preview streams below, and if you dig 'em - download on iTunes, Amazon and most digital retailers.

Shelley Wollert is back as "Elska," the Icelandic Musical Pioneer who is said to have discovered a new island of volcanic rock while traveling by iceberg. For her newest electro-pop jam (available on iTunes now), Elska is teamed with WILCO's Mikael Jorgensen and long-time collaborator Allen Farmelo as they put forth a simple message: you don't need much. While I appreciate the sentiment and hope that my girls will one day identify with it (it's important to understand the difference between needs and wants), it's always weird to think of an anti-materialistic message while I'm sitting here in the confines of Rock Father HQ... where I often feel that we have "Too Much Junk." Check out the new video below!

If you're getting ready to raise a baby rocker, there's a couple of new collections of music out this week that you might want to take a look at. The folks at Roma Music Group have just unleashed two volumes of their popular Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star series - LULLABY VERSIONS OF STAIND and LULLABY VERSIONS OF DAUGHTRY - each transforming the respective artist's hits into instrumental jams for baby. Check out the full details, along with streams of the lullaby versions of "It's Been Awhile" and "Waiting For Superman" below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

With the New Year upon us, my friends at Roma Music Group have wasted no time in getting back into the swing of things with some new music for babies... that rock. Out this week from their massive TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR line is LULLABY VERSIONS OF MEGADETH, a twelve-song set of metal classics from Dave Mustaine and the boys, all re-worked into soothing instrumental jams for your youngest little thrashers. Word on the street is that PAPA ROACH and STAIND are getting the lullaby treatment pretty soon as well, but in the meantime, check out the full tracklisting for this one, along with a stream of "Symphony of Destruction" below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

Is Glam Kindie the next evolution of the family music movement? Perhaps, as Canada's ROCK 'N" RAINBOW prepare to unleash their brand of "extravagant glam rock for families," staking out a March 17, 2015 release date for their debut album, LET'S BOOGIE. Had they been from the 70s, they totally would've been on THE GREAT SPACE COASTER. Check out their counting song, "5 Senses" and the full details on the new record below...

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Earlier this Fall, a DVD collection of the Disney Channel/Disney Junior interstitial series BIG BLOCK SINGSONG was released, and now those looking for the music on it's own are in luck. For the first time ever, Razor & Tie has made available for download BIG BLOCK SINGSONG: GREATEST HITS (Amazon | iTunes), a 24-track collection of bite-sized tunes for kids and families. Not familiar with the work of Warren Brown & Adam Goddard? Check out a preview of "Dog" below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

I've been meaning to post about Chicago's THE MAGNIFIERS for quite awhile. You see, these kids (ages 8-15) first hit my radar back in May after attending the same AQUABATS concert that I took Addie to for her first big rock show - the same one she ended up on stage to help close out. THE MAGNIFIERS' cover of "Fashion Zombies" was enough to hook me, but their five-song EP was even more impressive (and available on Bandcamp). While my annual 31 Days of Halloween ended at midnight last night, some zombies managed to shamble into the party a day late, and here comes THE MAGNIFIERS' first official music video, "Zombie Raid on the USA." Check it out below...

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Watch: RED YARN - "Rattlesnake" from THE DEEP WOODS

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RED YARN's THE DEEP WOODS is one of my favorite family albums of this past year, and one that made it as an "Honorable Mention" and a "Top Debut" in the 2014 Fids & Kamily Music Awards, for which I served as a judge. Tasty Americana, RED YARN mixes folky goodness with something that I love very much... puppets. Now comes the music video for "Rattlesnake," a traditional American folk song that has been adapted by Andy Furgeson for the RED YARN album. In actuality, the video is part of a larger pilot episode being pitched for a RED YARN television series. Check it out below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

For the third year in a row, the folks behind the annual Fids & Kamily Music Awards (a play on The Village Voice's long-running "Pazz & Jop") have either graciously or foolishly invited me to take a seat on the panel of judges to determine the Top 10 best albums of the year in the kids and kamily music realm. I, alongside other journalists, writers, bloggers, producers, radio personalities and folks associated with the family music scene, must listen to dozens of albums, and then figure out what's the best of the best. Each judge has to nominate and score 10 albums of their own, and a formula is then applied to choose the ranking. This year was exceptionally difficult, as there's been some really great albums (alongside some stinkers), and choosing just 10 is tricky enough without having more than 10 favorites. Today, we announce the winners of the 2014 Fids & Kamily Music Awards (the 9th Annual), as revealed this morning on the Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child radio show...

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31 Days of Halloween: JAZZY ASH - "Monsters"

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Way back in February, I'd already locked-down an entry for 2014's 31 Days of Halloween here on THE ROCK FATHER when I reviewed HOME, the latest album from JAZZY ASH. "Monsters" follows the New Orleans flavor of HOME, presenting a playful take on what exactly "monsters" are. Is that a zombie, or just a shadow? Is that some sinister creature in the corner, or just a pile of laundry? Is that the demon tree from POLTERGEIST outside? Nope, just your neighbor's weeping willow. Stream the track below, or grab it on iTunes as a fine addition to your 2014 Halloween Music Playlist!

I've gotta say, 2014 has been pretty light on the new music for Halloween... but that doesn't mean that there aren't a few worthy new additions to your 2014 Halloween Music Playlist! One such entry comes courtesy of the ever-busy and ever-awesome MISTA COOKIE JAR AND THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS, presenting a surf-tastic little number that manages to recall THE MUNSTERS, while serving up a colorful little animated video to go along with it. "Halloween Every Night" should be your jam right now, and it easily slides in here for 31 Days of Halloween on THE ROCK FATHER. Check out the video below...

FPW2014It's National Fire Prevention Week (Oct 5-11, 2014), and this year a couple of familiar names have teamed-up with the National Fire Protection Association to help spread the word about safety to the kids. RECESS MONKEY and PBS KIDS regular Mr. Steve (SteveSongs) have contributed songs, videos and dance moves to Sparky's Schoolhouse, the educational home of Sparky the Fire Dog. There's printable activities, resources for educators, free downloads and more, all available via this link. Want some jams right now? Check out a couple of videos below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

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