When Warner Bros. Pictures brought JERSEY BOYS to theater screens a few weeks back, it wasn't quite the out-of-the-gate hit that people were expecting... but it's a tough summer, especially when you're up against giant robots and all. At the core of the Clint Eastwood film is music - and while I may emphasize "rock" here quite a bit, those that know me well know that I'm all over the place in terms of interest, and musical history is very important to me. With that, I hope that the music of FRANKIE VALLI and THE FOUR SEASONS (along with that of other vocal groups) will always gain new listeners who appreciate the timeless quality of their songs. That said, my friends at Rhino Records have teamed up with THE ROCK FATHER for a massive giveaway... perhaps "the ultimate" FOUR SEASONS giveaway, in which one (1) lucky reader will score 3 new box sets, and the JERSEY BOYS Soundtrack - 29 discs in all! Let's take a look...

Since I'm out on the road this week doing a Great American Road Trip as part of my 2014 #RockFatherTour, some of the mainstream rock sites beat me to the punch on this one, but I need to share this here on THE ROCK FATHER as well... news that my friends at Roma Music Group have just released LULLABY VERSIONS OF FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH as part of their popular and fast-growing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR series of lullabies. Check out the lullaby version of "Battle Born" below!

Thursday, July 03 2014 23:23

Watch: THE NOT-ITS! - "Haircut" Music Video

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On July 15, one of the best Kindie Rock albums of the year will hit the streets when Seattle's THE NOT-ITS! unleash RAISE YOUR HAND. Part of Seattle's "Kindiependent Collective," alongside RECESS MONKEY, THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, THE HARMONICA POCKET, CASPAR BABYPANTS (Chris from PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), BRIAN VOGAN & HIS GOOD BUDDIES, and JOHNNY BREGAR, THE NOT-ITS! features the former singer of Sub Pop's VELOCITY GIRL and drummer of HARVEY DANGER - facts I always point out, just in-case you've not yet heard of THE NOT-ITS!, which, if you read this site often (as you should) you have. Check out their new music video for "Haircut," right here on THE ROCK FATHER, and when you're done, be sure to check out my recent interview with guitarist Danny Adamson.

SECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO dropped his new album, THE PERFECT QUIRK this week, so what else did he do? He dropped himself... and a copy of the new album on CD... from an airplane at 13,000 feet. The premiere purveyor of Kid-Hop recently took part in my #RockFathersDay Series here on THE ROCK FATHER, throwing down some parenting wisdom and thoughts on music ahead of the new release. Check that out here, and watch Cactus make his historic jump below...

I've written quite a bit about Chicago's ELLA JENKINS over these past few years, most recently giving some virtual ink to her January release, 123s & ABCs. Now, on August 5, Jenkins will bring forth MORE MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN'S SONGS, a sequel to her best-selling 1995 album, MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN'S SONGS. Smithsonian Folkways will release the album - her 40th title spanning a 57 year career, and coming to retail just a day prior to her 90th birthday.

Blue ShirtFlorida Kindie Rocker MR. HARLEY has just released his first-ever music video, "These Rhyming Friends of Mine." The song comes from his album, BLUE SHIRT (Amazon | iTunes), and is a part of his "New Music Monday" Series. Every fourth Monday of the month, Mr. Harley will be releasing a brand new song, but for June it's a music video - filmed on-location by students of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Check it out below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

Last month, I took the girls to see Chicago's SCRIBBLEMONSTER perform for an impressive crowd of tots and up. The kids dug the show a lot, and today I've got some music to share from the SCRIBBLEMONSTER crew. Want to teach the "plight of the bumblebee" to the little ones? Well, "Shakin' Up the Pollen" does just that - and you can grab the song as a FREE DOWNLOAD, along with an activity sheet that teaches just what bees do to help flowers and our environment. Stream the song below, then hit the SCRIBBLEMONSTER website for the download!

When it comes to lullabies, there is no company more prolific than Roma Music Group and their TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR series. They've released over 160 albums worth of baby-friendly jams for the nursery, each re-working a popular artist (or a collection of them) into "lush instrumental" versions. While we've just reached the halfway point of 2014, they've just released LULLABY HITS OF 2014 (Amazon | iTunes), which I'd sorta venture is probably "Volume 1," and by year's end a sequel will be released - just a hunch. But if you're looking for something a little different for your baby's sonic indulgence, check this out...

Last week, BRADY RYMER was one of the featured fellow "Rock Fathers" in my Father's Day profile series here on the site (read his story here), and today, his latest record, JUST SAY HI! has arrived at retail. As he gears up for a busy summer that includes an appearance on the Kidzapalooza stage of Lollapalooza here in Chicago, Brady and the The Little Band That Could have released a new lyric video for the title track of their new record. Check it out below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

When I was interviewing fellow "Rock Fathers" for my Father's Day series this year, I discovered that LEGO is a major hobby for these musically-inclined Dads and their kids. One band, RECESS MONKEY (read their feature here) is so into LEGO that they've recorded an entire ode to the famous bricks, and the music video for "Brick by Brick" has been released today - conveniently-timed to the Blu-ray and DVD release of THE LEGO MOVIE (out now from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment). Or was it conveniently-timed with the release of the excellent new RECESS MONKEY album, WIRED, which also hit stores today? It's a brick-based conspiracy! Watch the new video below... and answer this question: What would happen if Drew Holloway borrowed an X-Wing Fighter from LEGO Luke Skywalker and flew into a galaxy far, far away? Yep, there's STAR WARS in here...

It's a weird thing when a press release or an album announcement arrives in my inbox, and I read it only to find a quote from myself. It's also an exciting, and sometimes flattering thing, and such is the case with the new album from RIFF ROCKIT, whose latest album announcement was quite unexpectedly led-off by your truly. That said, I'm just sharing what landed in the news department below!

Saturday, June 07 2014 16:05

Watch: DANI - "Ocean" Music Video

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Life moves too fast sometimes. I have this unavoidable habit that I check something out, plan on posting it, and then completely move beyond it since there's not enough hours in the day, and more stuff rolls in - sometimes hundreds of emails a day, all vying for coverage. One item I'm circling back to is the April video "Ocean," by DANI. The song comes from her fairy tail-themed album, BEAUTY LAND. Check it out...

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