Here we are... Day 31 of 31 Days of Halloween 2013 here on The Rock Father - Halloween Day! There's a lot of "threes" involved in this one, with Halloween falling on the date of my third-ever Throwback Thursday since picking up that torch earlier this month. For the Grand Finale of 2013, I'm spinning things back three decades, to this exact date 30 years ago. October 31, 1983. STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI had just been released the previous May, the third film in what would later become known as the original STAR WARS TRILOGY. It was that Halloween that I would first don my Ben Cooper Darth Vader Halloween Costume, taking to the streets as Lord Vader... wielding a green, Luke Skywalker lightsaber. Not film-accurate, but I worked with what I had.

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Next year, Disney XD will begin airing their new original animated series, STAR WARS REBELS. Announced this past May (and covered on The Rock Father, here), the series takes place in the roughly 20-year gap between STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH and STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE... in other words, an era where an Old Trilogy guy like myself could see some familiar characters out and about. The first teaser is online, and it's just that - a teaser. Watch all 15-seconds of it below...

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As a STAR WARS fan that is also a fan of metal, this might just be the best music video that I will see this year. Ahead of the October 1 North American release of their new album, THE DISAPPEARING HUMANS (Century Media/Earache Records), THE MORE I SEE has released the video for "The Eye That Offends." The entire piece was shot on abandoned sets from the iconic first STAR WARS film, deep within the Tunisian Desert of North Africa. Watch it now...

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I'm diggin' this "Old Trilogy" vibe that Disney has been tossing out since purchasing the Lucasfilm Empire last Fall. As they're already ramping-up for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and a series of live-action spin-off films, many wondered what would happen on the televised front since it was announced that the CLONE WARS (which I sadly never had time to get into, and then it passed me by) was ending. Now we have an answer, as STAR WARS REBELS is in-development for a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel, followed by a series on Disney XD.

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STAR WARS is returning to it's roots... with production returning to the UK. While all of the previous six "episodic" films all had production activites take place in the UK at one time, the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) had a major connection there. The kid in me (who as an adult, sits under the shadow of an AT-AT in his office) is pretty excited.

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From the original ATARI STAR WARS to the fantastic SNES SUPER STAR WARS series and into the current generation, I've spent more than a little time playing STAR WARS video games. What can I say? The Force is strong with me, and like many of you - I was disappointed to hear that Lucasarts was recently shuttered. While millions of voices may have cried out in terror about the news, today comes word that ELECTRONIC ARTS has been selected to pick up the lightsaber and run with it for the future of STAR WARS gaming.

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