Friday, November 23 2018 08:30

Will You Be Ready for A Very Deadpool Holiday?

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It’s time to decorate! Not only is Wade Wilson returning to theaters for the holidays in Once Upon a Deadpool, but he can stop by your place, too. The chainsaw-wielding, chimichanga-noshing Merc with a Mouth is an excellent Marvel Legends 12-Inch Deadpool Action Figure. You even get Headpool, the flying propeller-beanie zombie head! This is a heck of a nice gift, an excellent desk decoration, and a terrific way to subtly hint what you’d like to go see in theaters in a few weeks. And he can sit next to you in the car! Of course, if this figure doesn't strike your fancy, you could always check out the entire selection of Deadpool toys and collectibles at Entertainment Earth. So... how about that new trailer?

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