What's going on in the House of Mouse? A lot, as news from the various divisions of Disney continues to hit Rock Father HQ at a rapid pace. Read on for updates on new Apps from Disney Interactive, the music of FROZEN, some freebies from THE LITTLE MERMAID, updates from Disney Junior and more.

GUSTAFER YELLOWGOLD is fantastic... arguably the most notable resident of The Sun ever to crash-land and settle in Minnesota. While his musical exploits are legendary, well-documented on albums and in videos, he's now making an appearance in an App: colAR Mix for iOS and Android. Now, I'm a bit App'd-out, as I'm not big on Apps for kids in general (I don't even own a tablet) and when it comes to coloring... let's just give the kids some crayons and paper. Luckily, the colAR App blends reality and tech by having parents download printable coloring sheets that are created in real-life, but when you point your device at them... they come to life on-screen. And Mr. Yellowgold looks something like this...

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PBS KIDS VIPI really can't say enough good things about DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD. A year after making it's debut on PBS KIDS, the series based on the legacy of MR. ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD is becoming a phenomenon, and if you have a preschooler at home and aren't watching this... well, you should be. We just had a little sneak-preview of the upcoming Neighbor Day episode (airing September 2 - check out the full details) here at Rock Father HQ, and Daniel Tiger fans young and old are gonna dig it. With the new line of Daniel Tiger toys hitting Toys R Us stores right now, there's a digital element as well, and today comes the release of DANIEL TIGER'S DAY & NIGHT, a new App for iOS (coming soon to Android) that follows the successful PLAY AT HOME App.

Animal of THE MUPPETSNow this is cool. As a guy that has a Kermit the Frog plush in his office (along with a few Muppets action figures) and lives fully-immersed in music, the idea of letting kids build their own MUPPET band is right up my alley. After all, DR. TEETH AND THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM are legendary, commanding respect from music lovers of all-ages, right? Well, Disney Interactive has launched MY MUPPETS SHOW, a Freemium App (Free to download, with in-app purchases available) for iOS and Android. Check out the full details below...

suffdeckPACIFIC RIM is not quite a runaway success in the U.S. just yet, but the Guillermo del Toro sci-fi film is a Global success. As the movie continues to grow legs, the folks at WizKids/NECA along with MFV have launched a new card game App that brings PACIFIC RIM into the popular world of SHUFFLING THE DECK. The Shuffling the Deck: Pacific Rim Edition is available as of today for the iPad, FREE on the App Store

willemsappIf your little one(s) like art, then there's a new App on the market that you might want to try. MO WILLEMS' Pigeon Presents... Mo on the Go! is out today via Disney Publishing Worldswide, and features some of Willems' most beloved characters in a collection of games and activities. Kids can also draw along in the App, which is available now for iOS and Nook.

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