Disney•Pixar's INSIDE OUT is in theaters this weekend (get tix via Fandango), and while families will be enjoying the film together, the cast is pondering something on the more technical side: How are these Pixar animated features actually made? A new video has emerged showing Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Phyllis Smith throwing down an "Animation Explanation." You can check that out below, along with details on the just-launched INSIDE OUT Thought Bubbles App for mobile devices...

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PBS KIDS VIP - Very Involved ParentThe PBS KIDS digital series OH NOAH! is expanding its offerings with new animated videos and games that introduce Spanish in an entertaining way. Launched on April 30  – a day to honor and celebrate children known as El Día de los Niños – new OH NOAH! content includes an immersive language learning game, “Lost and Found,” and a new 11-minute video, “Making a Splash.” In addition, all OH NOAH! content is now accessible on mobile and tablet devices via http://pbskids.org/noah/

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After making their debut in Canada last month, Spin Master Toys' SICK BRICKS have officially launched in the United States, putting a new and unique spin on the toy/game crossovers we've been seeing of late. Those familiar with SKYLANDERS and DISNEY INFINITY will know the basic gist - physical toys and figures somehow make the jump into the digital realm as playable characters in a video game. For Sick Bricks, it's 3D Optical Beaming Technology that takes the real-world collectible figures and places them firmly into a wacky, digital world rooted solely in Mobile Gaming for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). "Get Sucked Into the Game!" is the Sick Bricks mantra, and it's completely valid. What's interesting here is that these "figures" are actually mix-and-match pieces that are compatible with "major brands" of building bricks. That means that while there's individual characters and playsets available from Spin Master, your Sick Bricks will have no problem infiltrating your LEGO, Mega Bloks or KRE-O worlds.

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Star Wars JourneysJust before Christmas last year, I got to test out a new iOS App that hit right in that sweet spot for us here - STAR WARS JOURNEYS: BEGINNINGS. Available now for iPhone and iPad, BEGINNINGS brings families a new way to experience the first trilogy of stories made famous in the classic, six-episode cinematic STAR WARS SAGA. With the prequels currently being explored in this 180-degree virtual experience, new add-ons featuring A NEW HOPE, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI will be released in the months ahead, all leading up to the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS. Check out a preview and specs below...

In the short period of time since I finally decided to allow my girls to get some hand-held screentime, we've gone from having no tablet to having at least three (there might be more). The iPad Mini is largely THE ROCK FATHER's tablet, and that means that it's pretty much set-up for me, but over the past couple of months, I've really started to kid-ifiy it a bit, loading up the best Apps that can both teach and entertain. One of the best new releases comes from Disney, a name that families like ours are immersed in on a daily basis, and with Disney Imagicademy there's a whole new world of learning opening up for kids ages 3-8, and a parental component that can enrich the entire program through an interconnected experience.

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Thomas & FriendsIf you have a little engineer at home that's ready for a new adventure (and you trust them with your iPad), there's a new App out today from PBS KIDS that you need to check out. THOMAS & FRIENDS Watch and Play is first-ever Thomas app to offer full-length episodes, in addition to games that promote key problem-solving skills for preschoolers as they build, fix and create train tracks and scenes. Check out some screenshots below, and then head over to the App Store to download for just $2.99...

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