It is my duty to warn you that the video that I am about to share is most certainly not-family-friendly, and also probably not-safe-for-work, unless you work somewhere really cool. What just happened is that GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus (who may have Dave Brockie in his belly) recently sat down at the offices of Loudwire in Manhattan for a reading of Margaret Wise Brown's classic children's book, GOODNIGHT MOON. Now, being that this site is called "The Rock Father," you should understand the significance of why I'm posting this... It's the singer of GWAR reading a book that I, as a parent, have read to my children countless times. If you've read it, and understand the mighty power of GWAR, you will appreciate this video. If you do not understand the metal majesty of Anarctica's finest band, I urge you to read a different article, right now (this one is good). You have been warned.

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This Tuesday, the crew at Roma Music Group will release their latest collection of baby-friendly metal jams when TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR: LULLABY VERSIONS OF SYSTEM OF A DOWN hits digital retailers. The new set takes a dozen of Serj Tankian and Co.'s biggest hits, and reworks them into nursery-ready "lush instrumental" melodies perfect for your youngest little rocker. Check out "Chop Suey!" below, and if you pre-order now on iTunes, you'll receive that track as an instant download.

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It could be said that that Danny Elfman's iconic score for Tim Burton's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is pretty lullaby-ish to begin with. But, for those wishing to take it over-the-top in hopes of introducing it to the smallest little pumpkin in your patch, the folks at Roma Music Group are gearing up to release TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR - LULLABY VERSIONS OF THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. The twelve-track collection will be available on October 29th, and pre-orders just went live on iTunes. Stream "This is Halloween" below...

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With Fall comes new Fashion for the little ones, and today my friends at gDiapers have officially unveiled their Fall 2013 Collection of super-cute eco-friendly diaper covers and matching outfits. As in the past, gDiapers and The Rock Father are celebrating the new release with a rockin' giveaway. We're giving parents a chance to WIN their choice of the gLotus Dress and gPants, or the gVeggie Tee and gPants!

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After paying tribute to THE BEATLES back in 2010 with their Lullaby Versions of The Beatles, the crew at Roma Music Group has come back around to the solo recordings of JOHN LENNON, re-imagining them as "lush instrumental lullabies" perfect for introducing Lennon's music to the newest addition of your family. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: Lullaby Versions of John Lennon (out October 8) will feature 14 of the legendary performer's biggest hits and fan favorites, all reworked for baby. Roma Music Group just hit The Rock Father with full details on the collection, which is available for pre-order on iTunes now. Those who pre-order will receive "Imagine" as an instant download, and that track can be streamed below, right now...

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As I sit here on a Monday night, my office windows open to let in the cool Fall breeze, sipping a pumpkin spice coffee as I nurse myself back from a cold... I'm listening to some perfect music for the season - a song made famous by THE MISFITS. Now, I'm not listening to the original version, but to a lullaby version of one of their most lyrically-inappropriate songs for this site: "Last Caress."  Like many of my generation, the song first hit my ears via the 1987 METALLICA cover on THE $5.98 E.P.: GARAGE DAYS RE-REVISITED.  Now, you can introduce the early music of Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to the youngest member of your family, with LULLABY VERSIONS OF THE MISFITS, the latest collection from the Roma Music Group and their TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR collection. Set for release on October 1 (perfect for Halloween), the set just went live on iTunes for Pre-Orders, with "Last Caress" as an instant download. Check out a preview below...

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