It's a little bit of deja vu, but back in 2012 when CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO  CARE-A-LOT was still airing on the short-lived Hub Network, I featured the excellent "Sleuth of Bears" episode in my 31 Days of Halloween. Three years later, CARE BEARS lives on Netflix, and while the launch of the all-new CARE BEARS & COUSINS is some months off, the folks at Lionsgate have just released CARE BEARS: MYSTERY IN CARE-A-LOT as a three-episode, specially-priced DVD that puts "Sleuth of Bears" and other seasonally-appropriate episodes together in a nice little package. It's true, the Care Bears are still haunted by images of Bennefare, the "original SCARE BEAR" as seen in a long-running series of horror films that are big hits in Care-A-Lot.

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My girls have been having some CARE BEARS withdrawal issues of late, with CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT producing just 26 episodes (the last new one aired nearly 2 ½ years ago already), and the next series nearly a year off, when CARE BEARS AND COUSINS makes it's debut as a NETFLIX Original in 2016. While the popular characters from American Greetings are often popping up on those lists of "80's Toys That Are Back!" - CARE BEARS have never gone away for any real length of time, though their licensing partners have changed repeatedly. One of the more recent companies to pick-up the merchandising torch is Just Play, who have been slowly rolling out a new collection of CARE BEARS toys primed to capture the hearts of new fans and old ones (like me) alike. The first item to really hit home for us is the "Care Bears 5-Pack of Articulated Figures," which we're just calling "action figures" here at Rock Father HQ, despite only the arms moving on these 3" figures. Minimal articulation matters not to my girls, who are absolutely in love with this collection, while the nostalgia vibe is mighty for my wife and I...

Walt Disney Animation StudiosWhen I first heard that Walt Disney Animation Studios' BIG HERO 6 would be preceded by a short film called FEAST, I flashed-back to my horror days and John Gulager's 2005 PROJECT GREENLIGHT creature feature of the same name. Aside from the title, the two have absolutely nothing in common, yet I couldn't get the monster flick out of my head... until I saw Winston, the adorable little terrier at the heart of Patrick Osborne's now-Academy Award-nominated short film about the love of a man as shown through the meals of a dog. So how did FEAST begin?

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Stream TeamOh yes, the retro vibe is mighty this week (see: RAINBOW BRITE). American Greetings' CARE BEARS hit big here back in 2012 when the recently-departed Hub Network debuted CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT. I reviewed the pilot episode here on THE ROCK FATHER, and later featured the show several times, including in a 31 Days of Halloween entry. I grew up on Care Bears, and have some fond memories of my sister and I playing with the Kenner action figures based on the Care Bears and their Cousins. Yes, Kenner (now Hasbro), makers of the iconic STAR WARS action figures, had a full line of Care Bears "poseables" figures, vehicles and playsets. I had the Cloud Car, along with the Cloud Keeper and Professor Cold Heart, as well as a few like Brave Heart Lion from THE CARE BEARS MOVIE. Why is this important now? Well, the CARE BEARS AND COUSINS are coming to Netflix in a new series.

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Ty's Toy Box

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and for most, that means that Summer is officially getting started! The folks over at Ty's Toy Box hit The Rock Father with a list of the Top Five popular summer products, and details on a limited-time offer of 20% Off for the Holiday Weekend. Check 'em out below...

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The CARE BEARS might not immediately come to mind when thinking of Halloween, though a line of Costumes (mostly dresses) and a seasonal compilation of 80s cartoon episodes called "Bears Share A Scare" does exist on DVD. For 2012, however, CARE BEARS: WELCOME TO CARE-A-LOT (currently airing on The Hub) took a step into frightful territory with the episode entitled, "Sleuth of Bears."

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