What's new from the "House of Mouse" this week? A lot, as always, and right here you'll find quick updates with all the latest news from the World of Disney. From Walt Disney Motion Pictures to MARVEL, Pixar, Walt Disney Records, Disney Junior and more, here's the latest, including details on the first-ever compilation album from Disney Junior (DJ SHUFFLE), the making of MICKEY MOUSE: GET A HORSE, and some printables from MUPPETS MOST WANTED.

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On April 1, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release THE PIRATE FAIRY, a film that is not only a sequel to recent films in the Disney Fairies series - but also a prequel to a true Disney classic, 1953's PETER PAN. I recently paid a visit to DisneyToon Studios (I was there as a guest, and yes, it was on Mickey's dime) in Glendale, California to get an early look at the film (review forthcoming) and a look at all the tie-in products that are being released this year to further entertain kids and grownups alike that find themselves enthralled in the world of Disney Fairies. Me? I'm sort of like "the boy who wouldn't grow up," and I got to hang out in the "zen garden" of the same facility where cool stuff like PLANES was made, while eating lunch with some fellow bloggers and wearing a Tinker Bell watch. 

It was only a matter of time, and that time is now... the folks over at Disney Store are ushering in a new galaxy of awesome with an exclusive collection of STAR WARS merchandise, just-launched and available now from (my affiliate) DisneyStore.com. Already stocked with 77 items (appropriate when you think about 1977... or 5-25-77), there's something for the entire family from STAR WARS RACERS (Die-cast cars based on the AT-AT, Darth Maul, C-3PO and more) to clothing for kids and grownups, banks, blasters, and plush, the new STAR WARS collection at Disney Store is well-worth a look. Here's a taste...

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I think ever since I returned to Chicago from Los Angeles a few days ago, some of that Disney Magic has been sprinkling from my shoulders like golden pixie dust. That said, I've been in a Disney kinda mood, and have been enjoying a peek at some of the marketing materials for Mattel's upcoming Disney products for 2014. With many of these making their debut at Toy Fair in New York and headed for retailers later this year, I'm sharing with all of you right now. From SOFIA THE FIRST to PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE, to Disney Princess and beyond, here's select highlights of what your kids will be asking for later this year...

UPDATE #2 - Three+ Years Later: As of 2016, a new line of Sofia the First Toys are being created and sold by Just Play Toys, thus negating this original article... unless, of course, you happen to come across old stock that could still be floating around from 2013. And, in fairness, we did eventually buy some of the later Mattel releases and they were just fine. In fact, the Royal Prep playset is still played with regularly... years later.

UPDATE: Since posting this entry, Rachel Cooper, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Mattel, got in touch. After speaking with her on the phone this evening, I can tell you that Mattel is well-aware of the problems, and that the line has gone through a "complete overhaul." This means that new shipments of merchandise should start arriving in August as part of an inline change. Families that have purchased defective or sub-standard product can contact Mattel Customer Service for a free replacement from the new batches as they arrive. Rachel made it very clear that Mattel is sorry for any issues or disappointment.

There is trouble in Enchancia. Royally-bad trouble, I'm afraid... and as a parent - and a writer - this is one of those times where I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but more than happy to raise the flag to spread the word and hold accountable those who are responsible. Parents and Children across the country are discovering that there's BIG problems with the new line of toys based on Disney Junior's SOFIA THE FIRST. Specifically, the collection of 3-inch scale Dolls (action figures?) by Mattel, and all related accessories, including the "Magical Talking Castle."

I'm bummed that I'm not going to Toy Fair. Eventually I'll figure out a good way to cover out-of-town events, but for now I'm pretty busy here at Rock Father HQ with The Rock Daughters. In the meantime, folks like the crew over at Disney Consumer Products are still kind enough to share some news with me, and tonight I've got a sneak-preview of Disney's Hot Toys of 2013... complete with pre-Toy Fair pictures. I already see a few items that are destined to arrive here later this year...

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