January 26, 1979. It was 35 years ago tonight that THE DUKES OF HAZZARD made it's debut on CBS, introducing the world to the Duke boys, The General Lee, and a full cast of iconic characters straight outta Hazzard County, Georgia. Moonshine runners had never been quite as fun, and for a kid like me, the show (which ran until 1985) became a part of my weekly routine. I even had a DUKES birthday party for my fifth (see video of that and my old DUKES Power Cycle here), and still miss those old MEGO figures with the plastic General Lee that they rode in. Let's show some respect with the classic, Season One intro below...

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If my math is correct, next year will mark the 30th Anniversary of BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS, a line of fashion dolls released by Mattel in 1985 as a direct response to Hasbro's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. "Who came first?" has always been something of debate and folklore over the years, but the general story is that when Mattel found out that Jem was on the way, all of a sudden, Barbie had a band. Growing up in the 1980s, we had both bands in our house, but I tend to remember The Rockers having the better toys at the time (though JEM had the awesome show). I, playing as "Derek," spent a lot of time jammin' out with my sister as we enjoyed her "Hot Rockin' Stage" playset. Turns out, my wife and her sister had one, too.  Long-gone like most of our now-prized childhood possessions, something interesting happened last month... when my oldest daughter found a brand-new Hot Rockin' Stage awaiting her under the Christmas tree. BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS hadn't just resurfaced in 2013, but were awaiting a "rebirth" of sorts right here at Rock Father HQ for 2014.

Holy Retro Pop Culture, Batman! 48 years ago today - Wednesday, January 12, 1966, BATMAN premiered on ABC for the first of 120 episodes of campy, Caped Crusader goodness. Like many, I grew up watching it in re-runs on WFLD Channel 32 here in Chicago, a staple of 1980s post-school viewing. As a parent, I've introduced my little ones to the series via the 1966 feature-length film on DVD, with hopes that we'll eventually see the long-awaited proper Blu-ray and DVD release... which seems to become rumored at least once a year.

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2014 marks the 35th Anniversary of the DUKES OF HAZZARD, a show very close to my heart, and one that falls right in there with KNIGHT RIDER as part of that "Retro Pop Culture" thing that I like to share with my kids. I have a couple of seasons on DVD, but since CMT just started running them remastered in HD for the first time, I figured I'd take a peek and see if anything new was in the pipeline on the toy front, and boy, was I surprised at what's coming...

The most retro-awesome Christmas video you'll see this year!

For Christmas 2013, this very special footage has been unearthed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Christmas 1983. Yes, it's The 30th Anniversary Special Edition of a Christmas from the year that brought us A CHRISTMAS STORY, RETURN OF THE JEDI, CABBAGE PATCH KIDS, THE DISNEY CHANNEL, the CARE BEARS, MY LITTLE PONY, the video debut of MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER and THE A-TEAM. It was a highly influential year for children like myself... kids that are now parents.

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rubic3The Rubik's Cube is an undeniable classic, and a puzzle that I've owned several of over the years. For the past few, I've had the Icon Edition here in my office (I'm not good with these, so it remains unsolved) and recently we received a couple of new additions that make great stocking stuffers. The Rubik's 2x2 and the Rubik's Key Ring are both miniature cubes that make the Rubik's experience even more portable, and the 2x2 is fantastic for kids and beginners.

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