This weekend, the Chicago Toy & Game Group brought the 12th Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair to Navy Pier, and for the third year in a row, THE ROCK FATHER was there to cover it. The only show of it's kind that's open to the public in addition to members of the toy and game trade, #ChiTAGFair or simply #ChiTAG serves as an unofficial kick-off to the Holiday season here in Chicago - a tradition that offers families a first-hand chance to check out a wide array of new offerings hands-on, from some of the season's hottest toys, to some of the newest and most "out there" games. While my first two experiences at ChiTAG had been good, and the show had impressed, I left last year thinking that the show was skewing too "game" for my liking, ignoring that "toy" is the first part of it's name. Knowing that many of the organizers have deep roots in the gaming community, that wasn't really a surprise, but for my own interests (big on toys, light on games) I was hoping to see a little more balance this year... and the Chicago Toy & Game Fair crew did a fantastic job in bringing together some old friends and new favorites to delight families for two days of pre-Holiday fun. Check out my picks for this year's #ChiTAGFair all-stars below!

Holiday 2014We see a lot of toys come in for evaluation here in The Rock Father's State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility (our house), and while many get the Rock Father Seal of Approval, it's a rare occasion when a toy gets a unanimous approval rating straight across the board, with not only myself and The Rock Daughters on-board, but my wife as well. The all-new Zoomer Dino by Spin Master is one such toy, easily securing it's place as an early entry to my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Check out our hands-on, in-action video below!

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