For STAR WARS Day 2015, the crew over at TeeFury are pitting a Bounty Hunter against a brand-new Droid. It's a TwoFury with The Real Bounty Hunter (featuring Boba Fett) by jmlfreeman versus BeeBee-Ate (featuring THE FORCE AWAKENS loveable new droid, BB-8) by Captain Ribman. Both shirts are available for just 24 hours, and they start at just $11 a piece. Check 'em out below, and be sure to order yours exclusively at the TeeFury website...

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Is The Force strong with you? Think you have the power to turn the tables... to bend the odds into your favor? Han Solo said to "never tell" him the odds, so we won't get into that except to say that "many will enter, few will win" (actually, just one), because in honor of the recent release of The STAR WARS Digital Movie Collection, I'm giving you a chance to win three cool items that arrived here from The Walt Disney Studios and were featured in my special edition of UNBOXED last month. From STAR WARS Day (May 4, 2015) through May 18, readers will have chances to score a cool STAR WARS prize pack featuring nearly $100 of prizes from a galaxy far, far away!

I've long-held the opinion that Toys "R" Us is an important retailer - perhaps the most important for children, as the last great toy retailer to have a National presence here in the United States. Families deserve a true toy store with real selection (the other "Big Box" places just don't cut it - not even close), and while TRU has some ongoing woes to deal with (many of which I could solve, but they haven't called me yet), they're making strides to win customers back through making a visit to the House of Geoffrey an "event." While I doubt kids today will ever see the pegs as packed as I recall them during the initial run of the Original STAR WARS Trilogy from 1977-1983 (towering, cavernous, dimly-lit aisles stacked to the ceiling with new Kenner STAR WARS action figures and vehicles), Toys "R"Us is declaring themselves to be "DESTINATION: STAR WARS" starting with International STAR WARS Day (technically May 4, but their celebration is May 3) and leading up to and through the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this December. Here's the details...

Each year, I avoid going to the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego, always sticking to my guns that I won't do conventions again until I have something new to promote personally. Then I queue Jack Nicholson in my head, and just ponder all of those "wonderful toys" that I'm missing out on, while contemplating a change in position. Some of this year's wonderful toys? The just-revealed STAR WARS Black Series JABBA THE HUTT Throne Room Set (SDCC-Exclusive) and YODA (from the 6" Black Series Line). Check 'em out below...

For STAR WARS DAY 2014, I'm featuring a handful of STAR WARS-inspired music here on THE ROCK FATHER for your enjoyment and consumption. After all, what other Pop Culture franchise has inspired so many musical homages and parodies? Sure, HARRY POTTER and THE LORD OF THE RINGS are up there, but nothing trumps STAR WARS in the musical inspiration department. Here's seven STAR WARS-themed pieces of music worth checking out as you celebrate May 4th. May the Fourth Be With You!

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STAR WARS Day is the celebration of Fandom for all-things relating to "a galaxy far, far away," and if there's one thing that STAR WARS is synonymous with, it's merchandising. George Lucas pretty much single-handedly set the standard for Pop Culture merchandising in the late 1970s, licensing his creations for the gold standard in collectibles, the original 12 Kenner Action Figures. Now, under the Disney umbrella, the onslaught continues, with an exclusive line of merchandise rolling out at Disney Store today, but with other retailers and licensees getting in on the May 4th Action. Below is an assortment of STAR WARS deals from around the web, most of which even Watto would approve. 

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