This past Spring, the first wave of Super Wings transforming toys arrived at Rock Father HQ (reviewed here), immediately becoming a hit. Fast-forward to Fall and the line has expanded, landing a spot on the 2016 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. From the moment that Auldey Toys first announced that they'd be making toys based on the Sprout Channel hit, families were excited to get their hands on Jett and the crew, but also the World Airport. Now that's possible, and just in-time for the Holiday Season.

Last month, a package arrived here at Rock Father HQ that was most-definitely well-received... a sampling of the new SUPER WINGS Transforming Characters from the folks at Auldey Toys. While The Rock Daughters™ were definitely excited to go hands-on with Jett, Dizzy, Donnie and Jerome - I knew that many of you would be excited to learn more about these as well, with my preview post out of New York Toy Fair being one of my most-read articles of the year thus far. If you have little ones in your home, chances are you've already seen the show on Sprout Channel or NBC Kids - but if you haven't, the idea is simple: Jett (the red jet) leads a crew of transforming robots that work for a delivery service based out of the World Airport. From there, a human named Jimbo dispatches the crew with special deliveries for kids around the Globe, sending them on their way with a little background on each country that they're planning to visit. Whenever the crew runs into a challenge, they work together while showcasing teamwork and friendship, all while learning about new places and cultures. Like many newer series', there weren't any toys at launch, but they're here now - and they're really good.

When I first saw SUPER WINGS on Sprout a year or so ago, I imagined the pitch meeting for the show going something like "What if Disney's PLANES turned into sentient robots like the TRANSFORMERS... but taught quality lessons to kids ages 3-6?" That pretty much sums up yet another entry in our girls' regular viewing, with SUPER WINGS being a Rock Father-approved show with a catchy theme song and plenty of adventure. It particularly struck Little Finley's interest, a perfect companion to CARS, CHUGGINGTON, BLAZE AND THE MONSTER MACHINES, DINOTRUX and other vehicularly-themed programs that have made the jump into the off-screen world of toys. Yes, later this year, Auldey Toys will launch a full line of transformable figures and playsets, and they'll debut at Toy Fair in NYC next month. Here's an early preview!