I have never seen an episode of BREAKING BAD, but stories like this make me want to dig in on Netflix. "Florida Mom" Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers raised all kinds of trouble this past week, going after Toys "R" Us (a store I love, despite their reward program being... not very rewarding) for carrying Mezco's BREAKING BAD action figures in their "adult collectibles" section. In a lot of ways, TRU is much akin to this very site - carrying toys "for all ages," kids to grownups alike. There's a HUGE market for "adult collectibles," and just this past week I spotted the aforementioned figures on the pegs while I was checking out Diamond Select's new Minimates based on Kevin Smith's CLERKS. After a back-and-forth in the media, Toys "R" Us has pulled the figures, and the $15-$30 toys are now fetching $100+ on the secondary market. If you were hoping to score a set, be patient, as specialty retailers like my associates at Entertainment Earth will soon be well-stocked with all the BREAKING BAD characters that you're looking for - including exclusives that even TRU didn't have.  

We're gonna file this one under "Toys for Grownups," because these action figures aren't for the kids. In fact, while I tend to open the few figures I occasionally happen to buy, these would probably never be opened as they're 2014 made to look like... the 80s. I'm talking about the new ReAction Figures line from Funko and Super7, a collection that I'd been meaning to feature here on THE ROCK FATHER for ages, and now feel beyond obligated to - they're just that cool. What if BACK TO THE FUTURE and GOONIES had figures made by Kenner way back when? What if the Universal Monsters got in on the action, along with other Horror icons, or characters from PULP FICTION, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, or the famed players from Joss Whedon's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL and FIREFLY? The answer has arrived, and ReAction might be the hottest thing going this year for old-school pop culture aficionados like myself.

If you're into building sets (for kids or grownups) and haven't been paying attention to what my friends at MEGA BLOKS are doing, you need to give them a look. While we've been immersed in their sets for kids here at Rock Father HQ for awhile, I recently got into their "grownup" line of CALL OF DUTY building sets. Now, they're following-up the success of COD and HALO with a partnership with Ubisoft to produce ASSASSIN'S CREED Collector Construction Sets, this news straight out of the New York Toy Fair.

Over the past couple of months, we've reviewed a lot of Mega Bloks here at Rock Father HQ. Seriously, there's even a dedicated tag for Mega Bloks right here on the site. While those sets have been aimed toward the whole family, I just got word today that the folks at MEGA Brands have launched a line of CALL OF DUTY Collector Construction Sets that are geared directly at me toward a slightly older audience. While the initial sets have already begun hitting retail, visitors to the New York Comic-Con this weekend (October 10-13) can stop by the Mega Bloks booth (Crystal Palace, Booth #102) to get a first-look at the buildable CALL OF DUTY Zombies (just in-time for Halloween!), and check out a life-sized CALL OF DUTY vehicle constructed from Mega Bloks.

The headline to this post is completely misleading. Yes, the much-touted remake of the EVIL DEAD has hit theaters, but no - there is no kids' version on the way. But characters from the third installment of the original trilogy (ARMY OF DARKNESS) are getting a pretty cute makeover when they become a part of Funko Toys' ever-growing line of Pop! Vinyl Figures later this year. Bruce Campbell will be there as ASH, and you might find a DEADITE or two. But they won't be alone come September...

Growing up, there was a distinctly 80s phenomenon of companies spinning-off a lot of awesome toys from entertainment properties that weren't kid-friendly. In fact, there were quite a few R-rated films that had products readily available for purchase at your local Circus World, KB Toys, Child World, or Toys "R" Us. ALIENS, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, ROBOCOP... those all come to mind. And then there was RAMBO, marketed by Coleco for "Ages 5 and Up."