As we approach the halfway mark of the year, 2015 is looking like a fantastic year for media, with the best titles yet to come. When it comes to games, one of the biggest on my most-anticipated list is the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition... aka the STAR WARS edition. Today comes a fresh look at one of the three STAR WARS Play Sets to be released for the game this year, STAR WARS: TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC. Developed by Ninja Theory, in partnership with Avalanche Software, the game is set to deliver "an authentic family-friendly STAR WARS game experience with an enhanced combat system."

File this one under "Worst-kept Secrets," as official word has arrived that DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 will, indeed, be the STAR WARS edition. After months of speculation and leaked images (which I didn't run here on the site), the announcement arrived this afternoon, complete with the reveal trailer and pre-orders going live at GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon. While the addition of STAR WARS content is the biggest deal here, playable characters and figures from TRON will be available at launch, and new playsets will also feature a ton of characters and content from Disney, MARVEL and Disney•Pixar, including the upcoming film, INSIDE OUT. Check out the trailer...

There's a November Holiday that I look forward to each year, and that's the release of a new CALL OF DUTY game. This year, it looks as if I'll have to finally make the upgrade to an XBOX ONE, though, as CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III has been revealed for a November 6 release (dubbed "The New Black Friday"), and this time around it's going current-gen-only. Available for Sony PLAYSTATION 4, Microsoft XBOX ONE and PC, the game's first reveal trailer can be viewed below, and pre-orders are already up through Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy.

PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent)PBS KIDS today announced the launch of Kart Kingdom, the children’s media brand’s first-ever online world. Now available at pbskids.org/kartkingdom, Kart Kingdom features a collection of fun, curriculum-based games that help kids ages 6-9 learn systems thinking skills. The game also helps children build collaboration skills as they work together to create gadgets and unlock rewards for the entire Kart Kingdom community. In another first, PBS KIDS’ Kart Kingdom features a new junior edition of E-line Media’s Gamestar Mechanic, which allows kids to create, play and share their own digital games. PBS stations will bring Kart Kingdom into the community with live game events across the U.S. starting this spring.

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GUITAR HERO LIVEOh, how I've missed the classic era of music gaming... and in the Fall of 2015, The New Era of Music Gaming is officially upon us. Just a month after the official announcement that Harmonix was bringing ROCK BAND 4 to stores, Activision has unleashed the first taste of GUITAR HERO LIVE, signaling the return of a rivalry that spanned the music gaming heyday. Where ROCK BAND will be emphasising the "band" (something that GUITAR HERO got into with WORLD TOUR), it looks like Activision and developer FreeStyleGames are taking GUITAR HERO back to it's roots - focusing just on guitar - but with a whole new gaming experience. Check out the details below, including the first-look teaser, and a peek at the new guitar controller...

The rumors are true. As I speculated back in January, ROCK BAND 4 is real, and it's coming in 2015. The game franchise that became the reason I got an Xbox 360 (thanks, Jen!) and learned to drum (modestly) is now going to be the game that becomes the reason I end up getting Microsoft's XBOX ONE. More details will be revealed in May (expect a Fall release, if not sooner), but I have the full announcement from Harmonix, who is partnering with Mad Catz for the new game. Check it out!

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