The headline just about says it all. After the recent announcement that filmmakers were prepping to do a legit archaeological excavation of the New Mexico landfill where it had long been rumored that Atari dumped copies of it's notorious failure, E.T. - The Extra-terrestrial, the mystery has been solved.

By most accounts, the Atari 2600 Game based on Steven Spielberg's 1982 film, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, was one of the worst video games ever made - and one of the biggest failures of all-time. Like many children of the day, E.T. made an impact on me, and my parents bought me a copy of the game. At the time, I don't know if I knew how bad it was, though 30+ years later, I'm also not sure it was as terrible as people claim that it was. I do know that it was frustrating, not particularly "fun," but also that I played it often, if only to force myself to beat it. Which I did. On a Global scale, the game did so bad, that Atari is said to have buried millions of copies somewhere in a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico. But did they?

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On October 14, 2014, Warner Bros. Games will release BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT (Pre-order: Amazon | GameStop), the finale to their Arkham Trilogy. While the game was just officially announced today and details are scarce, the Next Gen-only title will arrive for PC, XBOX One, and PLAYSTATION 4. I guess this means I finally need to get an XBOX One (I'm still on the XBOX 360), as this game looks fantastic. The Rocksteady crew have certainly taken some of that Christopher Nolan-influence and run with it, and their driveable BATMOBILE is one mean ride. See the trailer, "Father to Son," below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER...

Last week, in the midst of all the Toy Fair news out of New York came an announcement from Activision that sorta flew under the radar for a lot of people... myself included. Set for release on June 10, 2014 is TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE DARK SPARK, a new video game for XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU that is intended to serve as a follow-up to the upcoming TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION film (out June 27 via Paramount Pictures) and Activision's previous TRANSFORMERS: WAR FORCYBERTRON and TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON games. Take a look at the trailer below...

At the just-opened E3, Microsoft announced the full details on the much anticipated XBOX ONE, which will arrive for gamers this November. Pre-orders for the Xbox One went live today at Microsoftstore.com and Walmart.com with Exclusive Day One Bundles available. Each Xbox One system sold will include the new Xbox One console — which features a 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player and built-in Wi-Fi — the new Kinect, one Xbox One Wireless Controller and a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members. The Xbox One launch bundle will be available for $499.99.

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