If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, then you already know the good news... The Rock Father has been selected to be a 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger! Over 500 bloggers from across the country applied for the opportunity to work with Step2, and 24 were selected to be a part of the team for 2013. I'm thrilled to have The Rock Father represented among some fantastic parents from around the blogosphere. For the next year, I'll be bringing you some rockin' content from Step2 as my girls and I put some of their new toys to the test here at Rock Father HQ. There will be plenty of photos and video posted for you to enjoy, and to get all of my friends and readers involved, you'll be given the opportunity to win some great Step2 toys for your own families!

Why was I not aware of these? That was the first thought to enter my mind tonight when an email arrived here at Rock Father HQ containing a link to some new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Super-Deformed Plush characters from Comic Images. My love of 1980s pop culture flows freely through this site, and I'm always looking for ways to expose my children to the stuff I grew up on. I've always been a little mixed on the whole "super deformed" trend, but these new MOTU plushies are pretty rockin.' Take a look...

After more than five years, it appears that the ROCK BAND franchise might finally be winding down it's cycle - at least for ROCK BAND 3. While I've often spoken of how they've kept families gaming together with fresh content via DLC each Tuesday, it appears that the pipeline is starting to slow down, with previously-released tracks appearing on ROCK BAND BLITZ now making their way into the Rock Band Music store. An announcement made earlier this month also puts the future in question a bit, though plenty of new DLC is still being promised. This week, BLITZ tracks from LIVING COLOUR, KELLY CLARKSON, QUIET RIOT, and SOUNDGARDEN become available for all...

tf13buttonI had a Bachmann Train when I was a kid. It was one of their "Santa Fe" models, and I distinctly remember having to go to the local hobby shop for accessories. While I haven't yet gotten an HO Scale Train for my girls, I'm always tempted because Addie loves trains. Today comes some early Toy Fair news, as the popular characters from Disney's CHUGGINGTON are pulling into Bachmann Trains for an all-new line. Here's the message that I received here at Rock Father HQ...

When the news officially hit this afternoon that Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software would be entering the cross-platform realm currently dominated by SKYLANDERS with the launch of Disney INFINITY this summer, I jumped on that trailer immediately. My first reaction? This multi-platform adventure looks FANTASTIC. My second reaction? Buying all the physical figures to intermix with the digital world looks EXPENSIVE.

Monday, January 14 2013 22:46

SOFIA THE FIRST launches big and gets an iOS App...

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SOFIA THE FIRST made made a big splash this past Friday, with her Disney Junior premiere becoming the #1 preschool series launch in cable history. While the arrival of a new Princess on the block brought the Anti-Princess parents out in droves, the overwhelming majority (including myself) seems to have enjoyed the show with their children. To conicide with the launch of the new series, the SOFIA THE FIRST: STORY THEATER App has been released for iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone.

Fisher PriceI didn't realize it until after the fact, but our kids received a lot of Fisher-Price toys for Christmas this year. I bought quite a few myself, including some from the "Laugh & Learn" line, which has been a staple here at Rock Father HQ for the past 3+ years. Now, Fisher-Price is bringing some serious tech to their "Laugh & Learn" toys with their expanding line of Apptivity products. 

You know what I just realized? ROCK BAND has 4,134 songs available for in-game play as of this writing. That's an insane amount of tracks available for a game series that's already over five years old. As always, they've got new DLC hitting this Tuesday, and those browsing the ROCK BAND Music Store can look forward to new tracks from MAROON 5 featuring CHRISTINA AGUILERA, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, and FOO FIGHTERS. I've got the full details right here on The Rock Father below, along with details on last weeks additions (ANDREW W.K., fun., PINK, etc.) since I missed them with the turn of the New Year.

TRANSFORMERS... oh how I love thee. As a child of the 80s, TRANSFORMERS were a staple of my youth and their influence continues. Sitting to my left as I type this is a one-of-a-kind OPTIMUS PRIME that I got for doing a little viral video for G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW back in 2007. My point? There's always a TRANSFORMER nearby here at Rock Father HQ. My oldest daughter is just starting to recognize the primary characters in the TF universe, and while it's been a little G1 action peppered with some RESCUE BOTS, she's starting to know what's up. Hence, it was a lot of fun building the new "BATTLE FOR ENERGON" set from Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS Kre-O line.

My daughter thinks that "the Batcave" is the large hole on the sub-woofer next to my desk. Actually, she calls it "Batman's Cave," and though I don't recall doing so, I probably told her that it was awhile back and thus she just repeats it all the time. I like Batman a lot.

Wednesday, January 02 2013 23:51

LEGO Legends of Chima hits toy aisles this week...

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Free LEGO® Ewar's Acro-Fighter with a $75 purchase. Offer valid January 1-31 2013 or while supplies last.If you've been browsing toy departments looking for after-Christmas deals like we have this past week, you might've noticed some new additions to the LEGO aisles as the major retailers get reset for 2013. Among the new offerings available now is LEGO® Legends of Chima, a brand-new original LEGO property that is "set in a mythical land of magical animal tribes who compete for CHI, a valuable energy source which gives them extraordinary powers over one another."

PBS KIDS continues to expand their library of educational Apps on a regular basis, and to kick off 2013 they've reached out to The Rock Father to highlight a quartet of Apps that are FREE! Check out a selection of new Apps and old favorites below, then hit the App store to grab free downloads of each. Some are also available for Nook, Kindle, or Android Devices, with the full library available for viewing at PBSKIDS.org/mobile.

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