Toy Manufacturing has always been a fascinating process for me, going back to that old Disney short, WHERE THE TOYS COME FROM (which we used to have on VHS). Now a new video has popped up online documenting the 4-10 month process that it takes one toy company to develop and produce a new product. Interestingly, that company is Famosa, who I've been critical of in the past for their bafflingly shoddy handling of the Caillou brand (read that story here). Regardless of my experiences thus far, this video is definitely worth watching.

The Hub's MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC has a hardcore male fanbase, that much is certain. My daughter loves it, but I still just can't get into it. I watch it with her, but me? I'm digging that new CARE BEARS series more than the Ponies, but I'm not gonna get all hardcore about it. You know who is hardcore though? ANDREW W.K. In fact, he's so into the Ponies that he's doing a motivational speech at CANTERLOT GARDENS, a full-blown MY LITTLE PONY convention. Check out the press release that just landed here at Rock Father HQ today...

Being a work-from-home Dad, I find that the 'me' time is pretty much non-existent at times. In fact, I'm making it a point to try alloting some on a schedule in the near future, something that started over the weekend when I fired up the XBOX 360 for the first time in about six months or so. I was so out of the gaming loop that it took me nearly an hour just to update all of my stuff on there. That said, I'm thinking about getting a Kinect. I wasn't fond of the controllerless idea initially, but now it's grown on me. The latest Kinect only game announced? DANCE CENTRAL 3, which families can start jamming with this Fall. Check out the announcement straight from E3...

This isn't quite breaking news as it's been out there for a few days, but I wanted to share a couple new products from NECA Toys on here that caught my eye. As a child of the 80s, ROBOCOP and GREMLINS are a pair of franchises that hold a warm place in my heart. While 'Cop will be some years off, I'm looking forward to the day that I get to share GREMLINS with my daughters for the first time. So how about some toys?

Tuesday, May 29 2012 06:48

BOP IT! SMASH (Toy & Game Review)

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It's been a long time since I played the original bop it! game. Come to think of it, that was probably over 15 years ago, and to think of all the things that have happened since then is just mind-boggling. But here we are in 2012 and the bop it! has evolved over time - spawning numerous off-shoots and reimaginings, the latest of which is the bop it! SMASH. Shipping to retail as I type, the new game leans heavy on the 'SMASH,' while leaving the 'BOP' behind.

Being a massive Halloween enthusiast, I was excited to share the classic Rankin-Bass stop-motion epic, MAD MONSTER PARTY with my daughter for the very first time last fall. This was always one of those things that you knew existed, but it had dropped off the radar for awhile prior to hitting DVD some years back (and since being reissued a couple of times). As the title indicates, it's a party with monsters, and now they're getting action figures courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. Check out wave one, which features the BARON, FANG, and DRACULA...

6am on a Sunday Morning and I hop on the evil site known as Facebook to check messages while the rest of the family sleeps. While checking out The Rock Father page (give me a 'LIKE'), a story from Cool Mom Picks crossed my feed announcing that a company called CITIZEN BRICK has started making custom (unauthorized) LEGO Minifigure-sized Babies. While that's cool and all, something else caught my eye over on the Citizen Brick site. This guy...

Diamond Select hit me with a few updates this week, much of which are largely aimed at Dads like myself instead of the toy-playing kiddies. First up is a pair of new items from the STAR WARS saga...

The crew over at Diamond Select Toys sent a quick update to inform the masses that their movie-themed wave of MARVEL MINIMATES has begun hitting TOYS R US stores. While THE AVENGERS doesn't hit U.S. screens for a few more days, you can certainly track down a ton of cool merch for kids of all ages. Here's what they say about the Minimates.

Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father™ with details on their 47th series of MARVEL Minimates. Set for release to specialty stores and comic shops only, pre-orders for series 47 are now open. Check out the full details below.

Wednesday, February 22 2012 23:51

IKEA MÅLA Easel - Art Station on a Budget

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After being given an IKEA MÅLA Easel by my friend Scott last year (passed onto us after being used by his two kids), I recently set it up for my little one for the very first time. With a dry-erase whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other, my daughter loves it - particularly the blackboard. What I was surprised to learn is that the MÅLA is available new from IKEA for only $14.99, which is why I felt compelled to share my thoughts here on The Rock Father™.

Friday, February 17 2012 22:40

Review: Pacific Play Tents' SUPER ENORMOUS I Tunnel

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When my little one and I visit the local park district for ''parent-tot playtime'' during the week, one of the simplest, yet always hot play items are the fabric tents and tunnels. In fact, they're so popular that fellow parents often get caught up in discussion about getting one for their own home. Since last summer, I've probably led more than a few parents in the direction of the ENORMOUS I TUNNEL from Pacific Play Tents. Special-ordered by Grandma for my daughter's 2nd birthday from TOYS R US ($59.99), the item was drop-shipped to our home from Pacific Play Tents' warehouse in Indiana.

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