You wouldn't normally associate MICRO MACHINES - the super-tiny little cars that once out-sold both HOT WHEELS and MATCHBOX in the 1980s - with Halloween. In 1990, however, that's just what toymaker Galoob did, decking out The Micro Machines Man (aka actor John Moschitta Jr.) in his Bela Lugosi-best as DRACULA.

I really dig Kiwi Crate. First featured here on The Rock Father back in June and later reviewed at length, Kiwi Crate is subscription service that sends families monthly "crates" containing fun projects to do that "encourage key developmental skills, such as problem solving, creative expression, gross and fine motor skills and communication." Everything you need for the project is included. Now comes word that a music-centric crate has been created as a joint effort between Kiwi Crate and Carnegie Hall. 

As a part of their ongoing 15th birthday celebration, Build-A-Bear Workshop will be inviting guests into their stores to participate in the creation of 25,000 stuffed animals that will be donated to the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots program, providing gifts to children who might not otherwise receive any this holiday season. 

This Thanksgiving, a group of turtles that are highly skilled in the martial arts will be making their way down 34th St. in New York City. Nickelodeon announced today that the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES will take to the streets with a new float in the 86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. "Designed by the artists of Macy’s Parade Studio, the new float, unfolding with breathtaking ninja precision, will feature a spectacular dark cityscape including roof tops, fire escapes, window ledges and a zip line down telephone wires." Check out the concept artwork below, right here on The Rock Father...

They've been around for over 30 years, yet somehow I wasn't aware of CedarWorks and their incredible line of indoor/outdoor play systems until a press release crossed my desk this afternoon. Browsing their wares makes me wish I had a bigger house, because they've got some super-cool items that would make for a rockin' play room. With Fall here and Winter fast-approaching, their assortment of Rhapsody Playsets, Playbeds, Playhouses and accessories can help toddlers and children stay busy and active playing inside, just as they would playing outside in the warmer months.

Toymaker JAKKS Pacific has created a special line of Presidential 'Kids - Cabbage Patch Kids (one of my daughter's favorite toys) designed in the likenesses of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. The dolls will be auctioned off on eBay from October 30-November 6 to benefit Rock the Vote, a non-partisan, non-profit organization.

With the five-year anniversary of the Rock Band Platform just over a month away, players continue to get fresh tracks for rocking in ROCK BAND 3 or the recently-released ROCK BAND BLITZ. This coming Tuesday, songs from SAVE FERRIS, SHERYL CROW, and THREE DAYS GRACE hit the store. Harmonix send over the full details, which have been posted on The Rock Father below the break.

I love G.I. JOE. Growing up in the 80s, I had such a ridiculously extensive collection of the figures and vehicles, and obsession no doubt driven by the cartoon series, which I watched religiously. I never did get that massive 7-foot-long aircraft carrier, though - but a kid down the street had it (I was always envious of that fact). While I don't know if my daughters will ever get into the world of G.I. JOE (though the cartoon has gotten some play), I still enjoy browsing the 'Joe section when we hit Toys "R" Us. That said, there's a new line of G.I. JOE toys coming out next year, and they've got a nod to the past.

I've been trying to post about this all day, but with one munchkin running around and another requiring a bottle regularly, sometimes hitting the updates in a timely fashion isn't exactly up to me. That said, some cool news came out of SEGA today about a partnership with Mattel, specifically the Hot Wheels Brand. When SONIC & ALL-STARS RACING TRANSFORMED hits the streets later this Fall, those who choose to race as Danica Patrick will do so in a special "transforming" Hot Wheels car that will take to land, sea, and air with ease. But that's not all - the "Danicar" is being produced as a genuine Hot Wheel as well.

Toys "R" Us is teaming up with Macy's for the Holiday Season, placing pop-up stores in 24 Macy's locations. These Toys "R" Us Express-branded toy departments will be open from roughly from Oct. 15, 2012, to Jan. 15, 2013. Personally, I think this is a great move for Macy's, as their "toy departments" have been pretty weak for several years, especially since losing their FAO Schwarz-branded departments in 2009 - interestingly, after Toys "R" Us took over that company.

It's a bit of a 1980s flashback week for ROCK BAND players as the platform gets ready to add a trio of songs straight from the Reagan era. Fast-approaching the five-year anniversary of the Rock Band Music Store, players will be able to attempt tracks from FLOCK OF SEAGULLS and BILLY SQUIER this Tuesday, October 9, 2012. Harmonix sent the details to The Rock Father yesterday, and you'll find them below...

The wonderful slang of the 1980s... were the Halloween Costumes on-sale at your local TOYS 'R US store enough to make your Halloween ''super maximum?'' According to the following commercial, they certainly were. More concerning is why there's a large Gorilla that appears to kidnap a small child right in front of the mother, who apparently goes along with it. Well, she is a witch. Watch and learn.

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