Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star just hit The Rock Father™ with news that their 64th collection of ''lullabies for all ages'' is now available, with LULLABY VERSIONS OF DAVID BOWIE arriving on iTunes and other digital retailers this week. The 12-song collection reworks some of Bowie's biggest hits into instrumental versions suitable not only for your baby's nursery, but also yoga, massage, or general relaxation. Check out the cover artwork and full tracklisting below, along with a preview stream of Space Oddity. For more on Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, visit their official site.

I've posted an unusually large number of stories focused on the music of THE SMITHS this month, that it almost seems like overkill. No, not the thrash metal band ''Overkill,'' but a little too much. But, this news is just too good not to share.  First off, those interested in introducing THE SMITHS to their infants might be interested to know that the Rockabye Baby! LULLABY RENDITIONS OF THE SMITHS (full details here) will be getting a limited-edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2012.

My wife has stated on numerous occasions that I'm ''a closet hillbilly.'' Sure, there might be some facts to back that up seeing as I have family with rural roots, own more than one DUKES OF HAZZARD t-shirt, think that KENNY ROGERS is a National Treasure, own quite a few of those old Time-Life Country collections on vinyl, and just last week I went to four stores looking for a copy of the new SHOOTER JENNINGS album on an archaic format called a ''compact disc'' (I found it at Walmart). Factor in the amount of time I spend gardening, and... The Rock Father™ will neither confirm nor deny the accusation officially. What I will say is that I like the new album from FARMER JASON and BUDDIES very much.

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Released last year through Fisher-Price Music, THE MERRY GOES 'ROUND is the second full-length set of kids music from singer/songwriter JEWEL. Touted as an album ''fondly made to be enjoyed by adults and children alike,'' Jewel offers up a 16-track assortment of original songs and old favorites that find the songstress expanding upon her signature folk-pop stylings with a heavy dash of Southern flavor.

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Review: RIFF ROCKIT's self-titled debut album

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Imagine for a moment, a world in which Ace Frehley's Spaceman alter-ego spawned a guitar-slinging son with a whimsical penchant for taking a safari on a big wheel while singing about the alphabet. Now imagine this space-suited young man being joined by a talking guitar and embarking on a career as a children's entertainer, breaking out kid-friendly power ballads and arena anthems for the toddler set. Intrigued? Welcome to the world of RIFF ROCKIT.

Updated 3/20/12 - An attorney and a member of Jason Mraz' management team contacted me about this album tonight, wrongfully accusing me of distributing unauthorized music. This is a news item - just as there are many other news items on this site. Making an assumption without research is foolish. The Rock Father™ is a music-centric ''Daddy Blog & Website,'' and there is nothing on this website that should in any way indicate that I am a distributor of music. I receive press releases and decide which albums to cover - just as I've done at other websites, papers, and magazines in the past. You can check out the Music for Kids or the Music for Grown-ups sections for other similarly-formatted pieces of music news. If people either can't read, nor properly comprehend what they're reading, that's not my problem. The original news item continues unedited below this text. - James

Updated Again: Since ABC News Radio has covered the album as well, perhaps these members of Jason Mraz' ''team'' will attack them as well? I somehow doubt it. - James

The good folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have released the 63rd installment of their popular Lullaby series, with LULLABY VERSIONS OF JASON MRAZ hitting iTunes and other digital retailers today. The 13-track collection of ''lush instrumental versions'' of Mr. A to Z's most popular songs is priced at only $7.99, and includes the recent hit ''I Won't Give Up'' - the original version of which appears on Mraz' forthcoming new album, LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD (due out April 17 via Atlantic). The Rock Father™ has the full tracklisting for Lullaby Versions of Jason Mraz below, along with a preview stream of ''I'm Yours.''

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