As first mentioned here on The Rock Father earlier this month, toymaker JAKKS Pacific has created a special line of Presidential 'Kids - Cabbage Patch Kids designed in the likenesses of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. The dolls are being auctioned on eBay through November 6 to benefit Rock the Vote, a non-partisan, non-profit organization. The auction is NOW LIVE.

Earlier this month, I featured CedarWorks Playsets here on The Rock Father. I was intrigued by their customizable layouts and unique line of Rhapsody playsets for indoor use, as well as their extensive outdoor sets. Now, the folks at CedarWorks sent over some photos from a project crafted in their Concept Lab for reality star Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason. The $10K "Rhapsody Crystal Palace" was handcrafted in Rockport, Maine for the Kardashians to use during the production of KIM AND KOURTNEY TAKE MIAMI, which will begin airing in January of 2013. Check it out below.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, another Halloween special as timeless as the 1966 classic, IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN. That said, it's only fitting that I include the Peanuts gang in 31 Days of Halloween on the big day itself. If you don't already have it on DVD or Blu-Ray (or maybe, even if you do), ABC will be running THE GREAT PUMPKIN tonight at 8pm ET.

Tuesday, October 30 2012 16:57

31 Days of Halloween: Scooby-Doo

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As our three-year-old continues to grow and explore, it's interesting to see what elements of pop culture she's starting to identify with. One recent interest is perfect for the spooky season, and comes in at Day 30 of this year's 31 Days of Halloween. I'm talking about a mystery-solving Great Dane known as SCOOBY-DOO.

As I've noted before, I can't always be family-friendly all the time here on The Rock Father, and that's because every once in awhile, Daddy has to shoot some pixels. It's no secret that I've been a big fan of the CALL OF DUTY franchise for quite some time, and come November 13, there's a 100% chance that the XBOX 360 will be fired up and ready to rock when CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 arrives. Last night, Activision unleashed the new live-action trailer for the game, and today the Guy Ritchie-directed clip called "Surprise" can be seen below.  

Earlier this month, I mentioned that the DEFTONES were about to get lullabied, and as of today it's happened. LULLABY VERSIONS OF DEFTONES (get it on iTunes) has been released by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star as a part of their popular, and fast-growing lineup of lullabies (currently 89 titles). The Rock Father has the full rundown on the tracklisting below. If your baby is a little rocker, you'll love this one!

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