As we enter day 11 with no rain here in Northern Illinois, 'drought' is the word on the tongues of many. The plants in the garden here at Rock Father HQ have been thirsty lately (though we've taken care of them), and some flowers have already turned a little crispy. It makes you wish for a rainy day, and even though we don't have one for real, HULLABALOO has delivered an ''Out Standing'' music video to remind us that the rain will come again one day. Check it out below.

The Hub's MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC has a hardcore male fanbase, that much is certain. My daughter loves it, but I still just can't get into it. I watch it with her, but me? I'm digging that new CARE BEARS series more than the Ponies, but I'm not gonna get all hardcore about it. You know who is hardcore though? ANDREW W.K. In fact, he's so into the Ponies that he's doing a motivational speech at CANTERLOT GARDENS, a full-blown MY LITTLE PONY convention. Check out the press release that just landed here at Rock Father HQ today...

Rock Father Musicbot 6000 here with a press release from Melissa Green regarding her new record, SING LOUD!

Award winning children's musician Melissa Green looks ahead with pride to the July 31 release of her fourth studio CD, Sing Loud! Featuring two duets that mark the kids' music debut of guest artist Brooke Shields, Sing Loud! celebrates the art of having confidence, being who you are, and empowering yourself with the knowledge that you can do anything you truly set your mind to!

Tuesday, June 12 2012 21:18

Ellen and Matt - IT'S LOVE (Album Review)

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IT'S LOVE, the second album from L.A.-based kindie duo Ellen & Matt is packed with cute, retro-flavored goodness, just as the cover art would indicate. The rainbow-colored digipack conjures thoughts of the 70s and early 80s, while reminding me of what the outside of Toys R Us used to look like (also part inspiration for the color scheme of this website, I think). Not quite as even or as polished as certain genre peers, there's a rawness that I really dig, epecially when the rock is fully cranked up.

''Nobody likes getting out of bed in the morning, but if you gotta do it you might as well make it a funky dance party,'' states SUGAR FREE ALLSTARS vocalist Chris Wiser about ''Gotta Get Up,'' the duo's brand-new music video. Combining stop-motion animation (from over 3,000 images) with live action video, new clip was crafted by filmmaker Kyle Roberts of Reckless Abandonment Pictures and released this morning, day-and-date with Sugar Free's new album, ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON (read my review here). Check it out below...

So here we are on a Sunday Afternoon and I'm posting a review of ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, the new album from the SUGAR FREE ALLSTARS. Yes, the timing is intentional, though this review was actually keyed into The Rock Father's somewhat-evil supercomputer several days ago and set to post at 12:01pm CST, so that technically it would post after noon - by a minute. Set for release this Tuesday on Wiser Music, ALL ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON may not be a record for everyone, hence, I must ask you a question: Do you like Funk?

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