If you missed my review of Gustafer Yellowgold's YEAR IN THE DAY earlier this week, hit this link to get caught up on why you and your little ones should be paying attention. That said, as our little buddy from The Sun has been exploring the Holidays of his new Earthly home, he's posted a music video that's just perfect for this weekend. ''Eggs'' is peaceful ode to the millions of colorful gems that are about to be dropped off by a six-foot anthropomorphic bunny this weekend. Whether you and your little ones celebrate ''Easter,'' or just prefer to celebrate Spring (like me!), here's a song for you.

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I knew that there was something familiar about THE POP UPS when I gave their new album RADIO JUNGLE a first-listen last month. That familiarity might be that 50% of The Pop Ups is Jason Rabinowitz, who also fronts THE BLOODSUGARS - a band I'd previously landed upon via their Daytrotter session awhile back. The other 50% of the duo comes through Jacob Stein, founder of an acclaimed early childhood music program in NYC.  Together they make some fine, pop-infused kid's music that holds the power to compel the little ones into a booty-shaking frenzy. This, I tell you from witnessing it first-hand. Indeed, my daughter has been enjoying RADIO JUNGLE, and as of this week - your kids can enjoy it as well.

In the years since GUSTAFER YELLOWGOLD first made his journey from the Sun to the Earth, the young yellow one has found himself at the center of many adventures throughout his adopted home of Minnesota. For his fifth collection in a series by illustrator/songwriter/fellow 'Rock Father' Morgan Taylor, Yellowgold is documented in his exploration of Holidays - some familiar - some not.

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PHISH Phan? Lullaby Versions of Phish released...

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You know, I'm not a big fan of Phish. While I think that Ben & Jerry's Phish Food is mighty tasty, and I played host to a simulcast of a Phish concert at a Regal Cinema back in 2004, the band just never grabbed me. Actually, I'm not huge into the ''jam band'' scene in general. Why am I telling you this? Well, it's because the crew over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star just hit The Rock Father™ with the news that they've just released Lullaby Versions of Phish. And since I know that there's a lot of parents out there that will love having this collection for their little ones, I can't mention the band without sharing my own thoughts. Haven't had Phish Food in a few years... might have to put it on the grocery list. Tracklisting and cover art below, along with a stream of If I Could.

Brooklyn-based Children's Musicians THE POP UPS have released a very cool music video for their new single Box of Crayons. The song comes from their new album, RADIO JUNGLE, which will be available next Tuesday - April 3. You can see the video below, or check it out on YouTube where it's also featured on the shiny and new Rock Father Channel (subscribe!)

The Rock Father™ has just learned that Parents’ Choice® Silver Honor Award-winner HOPE HARRIS will release ''a lively new adventure into the world of art'' with the May 22 release of Picasso, That’s Who! (And So Can You!). Since we chose my daughter's middle name based on one of the artists homaged on this album, we'll definitely be giving it a listen. Check out the full details via the official press release below...

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