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TOADIES - FEELER (Advance Review)

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61YxwPi5ML. SL160 It's almost wrong to call this an "advance" review, seeing that the bulk of the album was written back in 1997. With leaked versions of unfinished songs floating around the 'net for years, TOADIES will finally see a proper release of their album FEELER via Kirtland Records on August 10th. For those unfamiliar, it's a tale heard time and time again: Band hits big, records sophomore album, label hates it, and onto the shelf it goes. 

Thus was the case with FEELER which was recorded to be a followup to the platinum-selling Interscope release, RUBBERNECK.

ProductofHatecovertwitterNOTE: As of 2011 - James is now managing Product of Hate. This review was written a year prior.

Early last year I headed up to Kenosha, Wisconsin to cover a record release performance from LAZARUS A.D. for their METAL BLADE debut. Beside the show being held in a surprisingly unconventional venue - an elementary school gym - the real surprise came in the form of a couple of the opening acts. DIRGE WITHIN (then simply "Dirge") who has since hit the national radar with an album out on E1, and a band called I FOR AN I.

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99841Listening to AVENGED SEVENFOLD's NIGHTMARE, I can't help but think of the fabled story regarding AC/DC and their rebound from the death of original vocalist Bon Scott. It doesn't seem that long ago that I had to report the news that A7X drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan  had passed (it was last December on a different site), and already the world will get a new album from the band next Tuesday.

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95buckNot long ago I was told that BUCKCHERRY was trying to take a "more positive" approach to their new album. Specifically, no "dirty words." If I were to make a bet on it, cleaning up the language sounds more like an attempt to secure front end-cap placement from those Corporate Cowboys at the #1 retailer of music - Wal-mart.
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riplivedvdreviewIt's been a big year for nostalgia all the way around. Between all the reunions and full-album performances happening these days, it's almost getting hard to keep score. The overwhelming certainty among all the rediscovery is that there were some damn fine albums released years ago - albums that truly work best in their entirety as opposed to a couple of singles with a heavy dose of B-side material.

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chimairadvdCleveland's CHIMAIRA have come a long way since first hitting the national radar through an appearance on the short-lived USA series FARMCLUB.com in 1999. Like many of their peers that appeared on the program (Kittie, Powerman 5000, etc.), the band has had it's share of ups-and-downs with label switches, rotating lineups, and  the rough waters of  an increasingly difficult musical climate. In the decade that has passed, Chimaira have persevered, amassing an increasingly loyal fanbase - quite evident with their annual series of hometown Christmas shows.
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