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61AFPO3mPlL. SL160 A few weeks ago I took a look back at the past decade's worth of PUNK GOES... collections from FEARLESS RECORDS. If you missed that or aren't familiar with the series, you may want to click here to catch up before reading the rest of this review, as today is the day that PUNK GOES CLASSIC ROCK, the ninth installment of the Punk Goes... series hit's the streets.
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61cl5A9O3L. SL160 THROUGH TOMORROW, the debut release from Kansas natives SEASONS AFTER has quickly risen to the top of my "surprising albums" of 2010 pile. Originally self-released by the five-piece band early last year, the album was picked up by Dirtbag Music who reissued the set with an additional track last month, and promptly began giving the album the push it deserved.
It’s funny how things once forgotten pop back up to remind you just how good they were the first time around. Being fully immersed in music on a daily basis, it’s those little reminders that trigger a search for gems - entertaining nuggets that may not be the most perfect of recordings, but certainly some of the most entertaining.

I’m a sucker for a good cover tune. I’m also a sucker for a good novelty record. Together, the PUNK GOES… series tends to satisfy… MOST of the time.

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41kHHx6jbEL. SL100 The debut full-length from Finland's BARREN EARTH could easily be described in only one word: Epic.

Due out April 6th via Peaceville Records, CURSE OF THE RED RIVER captures the momentum of last year's ep OUR TWILIGHT, delivering on the promise of multi-layered death and doom with elements of melodic harmony.

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5148MYvDWnL. SL160 In 2007 the metal world was knocked on it's ass when Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, and Pickles (collectively known as Dethklok hit the scene with the DETHALBUM. Yes, the cartoon band from Adult Swim's METALOCALYPSE became legit rock stars when their debut hit #21 on the Billboard chart, becoming the highest-charting Death Metal album of all-time. Behind the curtain was series creator Brendon Small and Drummer Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel).
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510jOoFlZLL. SL160 Back in 1993, MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine was the second interview I'd ever conducted. Only 16 at the time and sporting a horrible Iowa-style metalhead mullet, taking a seat next to Dave was a huge deal. One thing that was clear to me even in my youth was that there's two types of metal fans: one's that like Megadeth, and one's that don't. The very traits that draw some listeners into the fold are the same that drive others away. Megadeth is a unique thrash-metal beast.
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