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51sUuuel4pL. SL160 The second album by Scotland's THE CINEMATICS - a band I was admittedly unfamiliar with - LOVE AND TERROR is a stylish entry into the recent 80's-influenced New Wave revival. Old-school fans of The Cure and Depeche Mode may find something fresh, yet familiar to enjoy - while younger fans of The Killers or Angels and Airwaves will eat this up. Dark and polished, yet still upbeat .
510dHGJxQfL. SL160 PM5K first hit my personal radar with their 1997 release MEGA!! KUNG-FU RADIO, which I still have in my personal archive but rarely revisit. Hitting their stride with 1999's sci-fi infused TONIGHT THE STARS REVOLT!, the band seemed poised to become a staple in the rock mainstream, largely due to the infectious single "When Worlds Collide", which still can be heard in regular radio rotation a decade later.
51O5O-kdUvL. SL160 Taking inspiration from the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger and featuring a cartoon parody of the California Governor named "Ahhhnold" on periodic vocals, playing second-fiddle to AS I LAY DYING's Tim Lambesis. After releasing TOTAL BRUTAL in 2008 followed by the holiday EP A VERY BRUTAL CHRISTMAS (which I actually gave a friend for Christmas last year), most thought that ADM was a load likely spent.
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61n0b3dVvtL. SL100 The "luck of the Irish" hit me late last week when I discovered a copy of the new DROPKICK MURPHYS CD/DVD release LIVE ON LANSDOWNE, BOSTON MA in my mailbox. Yes, it was like a gracious leprechaun had delivered me a gift - granted me a wish, or left me a pot 'o audio/video gold.
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61neSZp7ZeL. SL160 Few (if any) radio shows could ever claim to challenge the legendary status of the late John Peel's THE PEEL SESSIONS on the BBC's Radio 1. Having first discovered them myself while sifting through the import CD racks of several long-gone indie record shops throughout the midwest, these little gems were live performances from some of rocks biggest names along with many underground legends and true sonic innovators.
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518hyEg8v3L. SL100 After being on hiatus for nearly a decade, ARMORED SAINT have returned with LA RAZA(due March 16, 2010 on Metal Blade) - their first set of entirely new material since 2000's REVELATION. The on-again-off-again band (due to vocalist John Bush being the in-again-out-again frontman of ANTHRAX) has been taunting fans with the prospect of a new album since 2008 when bassist Joey Vera revealed that he and Bush had started writing together again.
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