Calling all gMoms and gDads, or anyone interested in more eco-friendly diapering options for their little ones. The folks over at gDiapers have just launched their limited-edtion Global Love gPants, "a soft vanilla diaper cover artistically designed with 'fill the world with love' in blues and greens, colors reminiscent of our planet." The gPants from gDiapers are super-cute diaper covers with 100% biodegradable* disposable inserts. Look at the new one below.

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giftoflove2X's and O's. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there will be many of those seen floating around in the weeks ahead, but as a Dad with two daughters, X's and O's are a part of daily life. X's and O's represent kisses and hugs, and together those symbolize a gift of love. That said, it's quite fitting that gDiapers' new gift of love gPants (available today) are emblazoned with X's and O's all around. Launched to benefit Hands to Hearts International, these new, limited-edition gPants are far more than just a part of an "adorable eco-friendly diaper" line, but a symbol that "Hugs and Kisses can Save a Village."

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gg gdiapersgDiapers - Adorable Eco-Friendly Diapers (and more)
For the environmentally-conscious parent that's not quite sold on cloth diapering, gDiapers offers a full system of eco-friendly options starting with their gPants and biodegradable liners. They have cloth options as well, but at Rock Father HQ I go for the flushable or throw-away versions. Aside from diapers, they also make super-cute clothing including dresses, t-shirts, leggings, and more. The starter bundles and gift certificates are both great gift ideas.

It's still hot outside. Not as bad as when I posted my last update from The Rock Father Garden, but it's still hitting 90 on a daily basis... and it's still dry. We've finally had some rain, but it's been in monsoon quantities for some very short periods of time. Too much, too fast - not right to make a dent in the incredibly dry earth - cracks in which can be seen running through our once green backyard. Sure, the green is returning, but man is that lawn scorched. We've kept the veggie garden watered, though it's still been tough.

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Congratulations to Chelsea Boppre, the recipient of the gDiapers Prize Pack!
Congratulations to Stephanie Kent, the recipient of the gDiapers Prize Pack! FORFEIT

I've been talking about gDiapers for awhile here on The Rock Father, and while I still haven't got to try the environmentally friendly diapers just yet (new baby is due for release in mid-June), a collection of starter materials is awaiting the little one, tucked neatly into her changing table until she arrives. In the meantime, I've been following gDiapers' new product launches, lured by their super-cute refillable gPants. The new batch? GIRLY TWIRLY ($24.99) ruffled gPants, and CATCH A WAVE ($19.99) little gPants. How would you like a pair for free?

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When I first posted about gDiapers and their limited-edition Earth Day gPants last month, I also tossed a question out to my friends on Facebook and here on The Rock Father™ site. With Baby #2 on the way in June, should I give these earth-friendly diapers a shot? The answer was an overwhelming ''Yes!'' thrown back at me from readers and commenters alike. A few days later, a mysterious knock at the door was heard, and a care package from gDiapers was found sitting on the doorstep here at Rock Father HQ. Come June, I will be blogging about my experience with the adorable little diapers, and sharing some pics. In the meantime, I received a little bit of news from the folks at gDiapers regarding a new 'Spring Collection' of coordinating tops and bottoms. I'm a sucker for cute.

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