As a STAR WARS fan that is also a fan of metal, this might just be the best music video that I will see this year. Ahead of the October 1 North American release of their new album, THE DISAPPEARING HUMANS (Century Media/Earache Records), THE MORE I SEE has released the video for "The Eye That Offends." The entire piece was shot on abandoned sets from the iconic first STAR WARS film, deep within the Tunisian Desert of North Africa. Watch it now...

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Last year, my boys from PRODUCT OF HATE opened up for WHITE WIZZARD when they made their stop in the Chicago market... a show I was sad to have missed. Now, WHITE WIZZARD is prepping for a new musical onslaught with the June 25th release of their third album, THE DEVIL'S CUT (Century Media/Earache). Today the band unveiled the artwork by Cameron Davis, a copy of which landed in my email here at Rock Father HQ. It's mighty "metal," and I dig it.

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If you enjoyed The Random Rock columns when I was doing them for Kik Axe Music, then you'll be pleased to know that they'll be continuing here on The Rock Father™.  The concept is simple: There's just too much news for just one site to handle, so we compile bite-sized headlines on a few dozen bands and artists into one post. If you want to learn more, we'll tell you where to go. As the title implies, this really is random rock. Heavy metal, radio rock, punk, indie rock, ska, mainstrem, black metal, grindcore... if it's part of rock, then it's probably here, but you might find some other genres dropped in as well. 

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